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Sylvia Lafair PhD, co-founder and President of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc) started her career in psychology to explore why people do what they do in personal relationships. That led her to advanced training in family therapy. She taught and supervised students at Hahnemann University and then began to research complimentary therapies along with family work. She and her husband, Herb Kaufman opened one of the most well respected personal growth centers in the Philadelphia area where they invited such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and Bernie Siegel to lead training programs.  Read More…

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What does the happiest man in the world look like?
Naughty Can Become NICE

The road was slick from the rain. I did not want to complain because the Bay Area needs to fill up its rivers and reservoirs as fast as possible. None the less, when a car swerved just a bit too close for comfort I shouted out from that place inside that activates stress “Watch out you jerk.”

My nine year old granddaughter said simply, “Grand-mom that was not very mindful. When we get home I’ll do some of the mindful meditations we learn in school with you.”

And we did.


Talk of Torture Timely for Leadership development

What a bummer that Angelina Jolie will miss the opening of the film “Unbroken” that she directed. Sadly, she missed the chicken pox as a kid and has to break out and itch as an adult.

However, the timing of this film is placed perfectly. With Dick Cheney in great confidence saying he did not think that our country used torture and John McCain taking an opposite view we can get beyond the verbiage to see what torture looks like in Jolie’s film.


Leadership Development: SHUSSSSH Don’t Rock the boat

Imagine a world where bringing up unpleasant or conflictual subjects is applauded. Imagine if in school good grades were based on asking the unaskable. Just imagine.

Where would YOU fit in that kind of setting? Would you be one to ask “Hey, why is the emperor naked?” Or would you be one to put your hand to your lips and say “Shussssh!”

You want to know where our general discomfort started with asking tough questions. It began way back when you were a little tyke and you saw your mother or care giver in a bad mood. You KNEW something was wrong, you could just feel it. And you asked “What’s the matter?” And the response more times than not was “Nothing! Just go play.”

If you persisted you were called a trouble-maker. And if you just went away you were called a helpful, good child.


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TLC has been the most fantastic experience. I have attended many different trainings, leadership programs, and motivational events and this has been so different. This program and the consulting we have done with CEO, Inc. has helped us grow as individuals and as a company.
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