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Leadership Education

If you are a highly motivated, high-performing individual, consider our Leadership Connections Program™ for higher productivity and relationship building…


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Business Coaching

Our business coaching, known as ‘The Ultimate Coaching Map™, cracks the code for greater career success. Learn the most effective ways to communicate…



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Speaking Topics

Shift employee attitudes with ‘The Ultimate Development Map™’. Accelerate your trip down the path to success and gain new insights through award winning products…


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TLC Program

We are committed to helping leaders like you unleash the hidden aspects of human relationships at work. What we found through our 30+ years of research and training is so powerful it changes how we communicate and collaborate.

This program offers the answer to the question that keeps so many leaders up at night, “How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don’t work for you or your organization and waste time and resources?”


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Coaching Strategy Sessions

We offer seasoned, certified coaches to work one-on-one with executives and emerging leaders like you to help you become even more successful.

Through Pattern Breakthrough Coaching™ you are given the most up to date tools about how ingrained behavior patterns can be transformed into lasting, positive change for you, your team, and your organization.

Interested in improving your work relationships for better collaboration and higher productivity?


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Free Training

Sylvia Lafair, co-founder and President of Creative Energy Options is known for her ground breaking leadership education methods. Sylvia tackles current topics of interest in her monthly webinar series.  In this Free  webinar, she gives executives and leaders the tools and answers needed to make lasting positive change in your organization.

Success at work goes beyond great products and services. It’s about positive relationships at work and resolving conflict faster and smarter.


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Meet Sylvia Lafair…

Sylvia Lafair PhD, co-founder and President of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc) and contributing author to Inc. Magazine, began her career in psychology to explore why people do what they do in personal relationships. That led her to advanced training in family therapy. She taught and supervised students at Hahnemann University and then began to research complimentary therapies along with family work. She and her husband, Herb Kaufman opened one of the most well respected personal growth centers in the Philadelphia area where they invited such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and Bernie Siegel to lead training programs.  Read More…



Rave Reviews…

  • Nancy Singer

    Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing and Learning & Development Senior Executive, Merck & Co., Inc.

    “Sylvia takes a highly personalized approach to Leadership Development. She helps each person become more aware of their personal styles, their possible origins and raises behavior patterns to a conscious level. From awareness comes change. I found great value in applying these lessons both at work and home to successfully balance demanding jobs, motherhood and a two career marriage.”

  • Matthew Emmens

    Retired CEO & Chairman of Shire Pharmaceuticals, Retired CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals

    “Sylvia’s consulting work is powerful. She teaches employees to look at situations from a holistic perspective rather than from a place of blaming. Conflicts can be settled quicker and that leaves more time for productivity and collaboration. I only wish I had known about how patterns from family show up at work when I began my career. Her book “Don’t Bring It to Work” is a must for leaders at every level.”

  • Tyler Mathisen

    Co-anchor of CNBC’s “Power Lunch”, Vice President for Strategic Editorial Initiatives

    “The concepts and strategies learned from Sylvia and Total Leadership Connections are invaluable. Working in a newsroom is competitive and stressful and with new understanding of how relationships trigger tension I resolve pressure situations faster and with minimal dissention. Moreover, I can bring the techniques and tools home; a double win.”

  • Stanford Thompson

    Founder & Artistic Director - Play On, Philly!

    "Working with CEOinc was exactly what I needed to pull my team together and save our organization from hitting a downward spiral that is way too common in the non-profit sector. Our team is humming at a pace I never thought possible, and we are able to serve our children and families in ways that drastically increase our impact."

  • Dr. Huifang Lang

    SPEX Certiprep

    “Our company has worked with CEO for many years with great success and I have completed their excellent leadership program that educates people in different and vital areas most programs do not cover. I has been amazingly helpful and I use what I have learned with my team everyday.”

Latest Blog Posts…

Stuck Plumbing?

Dear Dr. Sylvia, I am a newly named director in a major tech company. We have been around for many years and have so many systems in place. However, what cannot be programmed (wish it could be!) are the human beings who surround me. Here is my dilemma: my boss is a mixture of a micro-manager and a hands off do-it-yourself type. The combination is crazy making. She is, in your pattern terms, a persecutor always looking over my shoulder to see what is not being done right, and an avoider who hates conflict. Now I have studied your patterns and I am a bona-fide avoider, especially of speaking up to power. And my boss is very powerful. They even say she could be the next CEO. I am working at transforming my avoider pattern and becoming an initiator and it works with many. However, with her I tread lightly. Example: If I ask her for help when I have been at a meeting and I need to report back and I am not sure what to do she always says “I was not there so I can’t help you.” And with that she waves her hand and dismisses me. I do not think she has my back and I am fuming inside. It makes me nervous to say something to her and I feel all my upset at her and at myself, backing up inside. Suggestions? Signed, Need to flow freely Dear Flow, The combination of looking over your shoulder and ignoring your needs can be crazy making. I certainly understand. However, the ball is in your court... read more

What Scores Over Hard Work, Knowledge and Attitude in Meetings?

We all know that it takes lots of good effort to make a meeting be successful. However, so many times meetings just fall short and people leave feeling like they have wasted those hours when they could have been getting real work done. In our Total Leadership Connections Program™ we spend a half day dissecting what makes a meeting work. It is like creating a Broadway play. A meeting needs creative scripting to keep everyone interested. It needs to include both facts and have a place for individuals to use their intuition. Meetings need time for discussion and that discussion may lead to conflict. Whoever is facilitating the meeting should have learned the skills for mediating the tension of opposing points of view. Where meetings fall short. The differences are tabled because there is a nervous need to avoid hurt feelings. Not a good idea! Collaboration is not for the weak of heart. Collaboration is about speaking out and listening to others. Hey, leading a meeting takes lots of knowledge of how we communicate and how to get the most from all participants. It means everyone needs to be included and not just let the extroverts take charge. Running a well- crafted meeting is truly like being the conductor of a symphony orchestra. I have run across a mathematical formula to score what is actually happening in meetings. WORTH a LAUGH. It goes like this: Give each letter of the alphabet a number. A=1, B=2 all the way up to Z=26. Now, put in the concepts you think are part of what goes on in a meeting. For example:... read more


We all know about George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock. They are reminders of how determined we must all be when freedom is put in harm’s way. I have always wondered about the women of the Revolution. In school all we were taught was that Betsy Ross was known for sewing the American flag. Now, that in itself is a marvelous undertaking. However, there were so many others who we need to know and honor. So I did some research and felt a swell of pride about the courage and the well…GUTSINESS for so many who risked their lives and did not hold back out of fear. Here are some of our heroines: Like Deborah Sampson cut her hair, bound her breasts and put on a uniform to fight next to the men. Like Ann Bates, a Philadelphia school teacher who changed her name and sold supplies to the British as a way to spy on them and bring information back to General Washington’s troops. Like Nancy Hart. She was known as a woman of fearless spirit and a hot temper. One amazing account of Nancy’s life was the evening that six British soldiers stopped to find a Whig leader. They demanded she cook them dinner and stacked their weapons in a corner. As the soldiers were getting a bit tipsy on wine, Nancy began to pass the muskets through an opening in the cabin wall to her daughter. When the soldiers noticed what she was doing she picked up one of the guns and warned them she would shoot, which she did. One man was killed and... read more


Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills You Can Put Into Practice Today!