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Naughty Can Become NICE

The road was slick from the rain. I did not want to complain because the Bay Area needs to fill up its rivers and reservoirs as fast as possible. None the less, when a car swerved just a bit too close for comfort I shouted out from that place inside that activates... read more

Talk of Torture Timely for Leadership development

What a bummer that Angelina Jolie will miss the opening of the film “Unbroken” that she directed. Sadly, she missed the chicken pox as a kid and has to break out and itch as an adult. However, the timing of this film is placed perfectly. With Dick Cheney in great... read more

Turkeys and Eagles

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was not all that thrilled having the Bald Eagle as our national symbol? He much preferred…TADA…the Turkey!! So as you are celebrating this day of Thanksgiving think about the noble bird that could have been on our currency instead... read more

Get Ready for Thanksgiving 2014!

Thank you to, Jeannie Mecorney, a Total Leadership Connection graduate, for sending me this fun ditty to launch the holiday season. I belong in the “vegan camp” this year. Our 9 year old granddaughter is a staunch vegetarian and we are leaning more and... read more

They are ALL Our Children

Years ago I was in Brazil for a conference. It was wonderful looking up at the “Christo Redentor” that is so much a part of Rio. It was fun sun bathing and walking along the famous Ipanema beach. I also had an opportunity to go inland to some of the mines where the... read more

Safe Spaces, Hot Spots and What If

Waiting in Ferguson Missouri. Waiting for the judge to hand down the decision. Waiting to see if there will be violence or calm. Waiting to see how justice is served. Waiting to see if there can be anything new and helpful that will come out of how the people of... read more

What does it mean to be a REAL Leader?

Authenticity is a buzz word in today’s business world. All leadership development programs discuss this topic. I was thinking about being thinner, smarter, younger, and more wonderful. Nope, that is not what being authentic is about. It is about being seen “warts and... read more

Here is the Elixir for Workplace Doldrums

Hey the holidays are right around the corner? How do I know? Cause the media is telling us to get ready for snow and shopping. We are being enticed to think turkey, eggnog, and lots of presents. So what happens at work? Is your workplace gearing up or slowing down? By... read more

How to Handle Difficult Personalities at Work

You know the type, the guy or gal who is always pointing their finger at someone else when a mistake is made, or when the project is stalled. How annoyed do you get when there is no accountability, no responsibility for what is happening? I tend to almost... read more

What it Takes to be a Giant

Watching the 7th game of the World Series was a study in tenacity and team work. The 6th game was a demoralizing 10-0 loss for the San Francisco Giants (my home team!!). Game 6 was painful to watch and when it was over I wondered what type of talk went on between the... read more

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Knowledge of human relationships no longer belongs only to the psychology crowd. It belongs to all of us. Every leader or emerging leader in today’s workplace needs to look below the surface and answer the age old question when someone shoots himself in the foot “Why... read more

You Never Know About Someone Else

Glenn Close is an Oscar winning actress who appears to the world as an elegant, cultured woman. If you just look at her persona you think she was raised in the lap of luxury with never a care. Then some of the challenges and disappointments begin to show themselves.... read more

Finding the Truth: My Boss is NOT My Father

Yesterday we left Jon ready to talk with his boss about the pressure to be “the best.” Growing up in a family where the pressure started when he was still in diapers to be the first one potty trained and first to score a goal on a kids’ soccer team and first with... read more

YIKES, Work is REALLY like My Family!

Jon told me the following story. He grew up in a fast paced family with a father who was a mover and shaker in the community. Jon was the only son in the middle between two sisters. His father started to mold him (Jon) in his image from the time he was potty trained.... read more

Are Men Happier People?

I have been preparing for my GUTSY WOMEN Google Hangout that will take place on Thursday September 11th. One area that so many of you have asked me to cover is how men and women differ and who is really happier. My conclusion is that yes, in some aspects, men truly... read more

Emerging Leaders and Office Politics

When I was in the emerging leader category I thought that political games of “GOTCHA” were only played in Washington D.C. And then I had my first job. Was I ever wrong! Office politics and power games were all over the place. It was so disheartening I had to make a... read more

Which Bathroom is the Right One?

I went to the soccer game in Buenos Aires. It was like being at a Broadway musical. The favorite team, the Boca Juniors were playing and the singing was stupendous. That is how they cheer the team, by singing and singing and singing. Now, the team did not perform that... read more

Leadership and “Practicing Safe Stress”

If you ever have a chance to visit the main Google campus in Mountain View CA you will see what the future of work looks like in present time. Volleyball courts in use and fabulous food grown by local organic farmers gratis to all Google employees. Plus there is the... read more

Leadership Lessons: What Really Changes?

I was fascinated watching the Tom Hanks special on CNN “The SIXTIES: The Times They are A-Changin’.” One segment is about the role of women 50 years ago. And  as I sat back I wondered what has really changed for the better. The actor Jack Palance who represented the... read more
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