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Ready, Aim, Excel

Today is the launch of Ready, Aim, Excel, a new book  by great leadership educators and I am thrilled to have a chapter included. I believe that everyone on a leadership track, everyone in leadership development, everyone who is a student of leadership will benefit... read more

Can Bullying be Passive Aggressive?

She smiled sweetly and said she understood what was needed for the product in her territory to sell better. She wrote down what was said in the sales meeting. She had a list of places to call and people to meet. Yet nothing happened. Her boss had stomach aches and... read more

Give and Get: Cool Team Training

In these fast moving times, it is super important to learn about how relationships work and that “we really are all connected and no one wins unless we all do”.  Team building can add another important component to your work setting. We recently completed a “BUILD and... read more

To Go or Not To Go: What Would a Leader DO?

Decisions that are both professional and personal are more complex for today’s women (and men) than in the past. When boundaries were clearly defined, we knew what to do and when. And if we didn’t like it, well, we just stuffed it! Today we are asking more questions... read more

Live, Love, Laugh

Want a prosperous year? Are you setting goals with dates and times and specifics to get where you want to go? There are so many “systems” out there for goal setting, business development, and relationship success. Yet, I believe that unless there is an over-riding... read more

A Healthy Perspective

Here is a response to a blog I wrote, “Barbie Lives!”, about Barbie dolls and little girls. This is from one of our CEO consultants, Jocelyn Bines, who recently moved to Los Angeles where she will be spearheading GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND programs. I love her... read more

Barbie Lives!

Doing research for my book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change”, I was a bit aghast with the powerful hold that little blonde, plastic doll named Barbie still has on so many little girls. Research shows that when 13 year old girls were asked to define their view of... read more

Read, Repeat. Remember

I was busy getting our new CEO website ready with the most amazing web designer, Hilary Brooks ( . It will be ready next week so we’ll keep you posted. I was working on the content for CONSULTING and was looking at what we teach when we go into... read more

How Old is Old Enough?

Last night I watched a film that is still haunting me. There is so much trash out there and so little that I can recommend to those in our Total Leadership Connections program that shows how family, culture, and crises impact us over time. This one is riveting.  ... read more

The Whole Enchilada

This is a country founded on freedom of speech. Often it seems to go too far in disrespect, even wanting to destroy the credibility of others (just watch the Presidential campaign)! However, the peaceful protest at the Rose Parade brings in a dimension that has... read more

Will You Still Love Me?

Resolutions so often turn to dust as old, deeply ingrained patterns fight for center stage. Think about all the changes you want to make as this New Year turns two days old. Have you even kept you resolutions through the first day of the month? Here is what I teach... read more

Have a Fulfilling New Year!!!

I have gotten soooo tired of saying “Happy New Year”. What does that really mean anyway? Look back on 2011. Was it a happy year? Mine was! That is if you used the math of averages. Some days were so plain awful I still cringe when I think about them. The day I slid on... read more


You know what they say, “when one door closes another opens”. They, whoever “they are”, always want to cheer-lead us out of upset and into positivity. Does it work? I must admit, I like to spend some time licking my wounds. I like to be mad rather than glad, at least... read more

Making Resolutions for a Brighter World

  There are so many excellent projects for us to make a difference in 2012.   I believe nothing is more important that how we as women take a stand for bringing the next generation into our world.   Population control and having every child who is born... read more

Take a “Holiday Minute”

  Want to add something new for this special time of the year? In research about creativity and even prosperity many scientists believe that doing something unexpected can open new doors of thinking.   Okay, it’s worth a shot.   Last minute shopping?... read more

Happy Helpers and Healthy Holidays

  Remember the ad that said “reach out and touch someone”?  (In case you need a refresher, click the link)  It is even more vital today when we are running full steam ahead and have so little time to stop and stress is our number one companion.   We know it... read more

Speaking up: What the World Needs Now

  It does appear that the time of apathy is dwindling. It seems like there are more and more people opening their windows and yelling out “I won’t take it anymore”. Lee Woodruff’s blog  is powerful in its honesty. In my experience in executive coaching, I am... read more

Creative Energy for the Holidays

  Research from IBM indicates that being creative is THE most important aspect for today’s leaders. Think about how you are using creativity in your life and helping your employees find their creative edge.     In fact, that is the name of one of our... read more

CARE/DARE and Do It Differently

  Flying from one trapeze to the next means letting go for that brief moment when all there is is you and the air. Then in the blink of an eye the steady steel of the other trapeze is thankfully in your hands. This is where we are now in defining new ways of... read more

Women as Leaders of Change

  At the Pa. Conference for Women, over 4,000 strong were messages about how to be your best self, how to use social media, and how to climb that mysterious ladder right up and through the glass ceiling.   However, one luncheon addresses implications for the... read more

Guys and Dolls and Leadership

Yesterday I presented at the Delaware SHRM Conference. As always, it was a delight to be with a group of professionals who want to make a difference and find new ways of doing a complex job.Being in Human Resources is much like being a psychologist at heart. People... read more

New Leadership Language for the New Women Leaders

The following is real substantial food for thought. I’d love to hear from you what are the words that drive you crazy and sound really nasty when talking about the opposite gender. I would like to compile a list and see how many of us feel discounted by words that... read more
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