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Here are some of Dr. Lafair’s most popular topics in today’s workplace. The following keynote speeches have been highly successful. She will strategize with your team for programs to have lasting impact.

Don’t Bring It to Work: Learn what pushes your buttons and stirs up office politics. Behavior patterns from long ago impact present relationships and get in the way of getting work done. In this fast-paced, informative, management-skills presentation, you get a check list of behaviors ranging from the rebel, pleaser, victim, bully (13 of the most common) and tools to change them to their positive opposites. This  book has been used in graduate courses for executive leadership.

“GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change”: Women can no longer be told to be quiet. However, what are the ways to be heard and command a room. There is a dare for every woman to stand up, find the right words at the right time and make her impact. What is amazing is that as women dare, men can show their caring side more and the formula for this time is: Daring +Caring=Sharing! This is a powerful women’s leadership development book.

“UNIQUE: How Story Sparks Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement”: The leader of this century is the one who knows how to tell his or her story and is able to help others learn to tell what is important to them. This provocative program gives tips and tools to be more authentic and create an environment of collaboration.

“Get the BUT Out of Your YES for Clear Communication”: Words help and words kill. Power players know how to get points across quickly and effectively; learn how to be one of them. In our world of sound bites those who can effectively pick and choose what to say and when to say it lead the way. Changing “but” to “and” is one of the many tips in this highly informative, communication skills presentation and most importantly, the rationale behind the changes.

OUCH! Resolving Conflict at Work: The word conflict makes most of us shudder and with good reason. Often it is like a knife through the heart and hard feelings hang around way too long. This communication training seminar gives the “5 steps from mad to glad” that makes a workforce less disappointed or defensive, and more competent to handle any disputes and disagreements.

Other keynote speaker titles include:

  • Your Boss is NOT Your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother
  • 7 Secrets of Happy High Performers
  • 4 Ways to get Along Rather than Get Even
  • How to Avoid Burnout and Stay Fired Up
  • 5 Ways to Really GET Team Cohesion

Dr. Lafair will custom design a seminar / workshop based on your company’s needs and interests.

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