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The following articles and WHITEPAPERS are here to keep you ahead of the crowd. Of course there is not much time in our crowded days to read in depth anymore. So, I have put together some vital information to give you the essence of around workplace relationships, conflict resolution, office politics, executive coaching and training, and emerging leaders’ concerns.

These ‘WHITEPAPERS’ are really like the short form notes we all (at least most of us) used in college so we did not have to read the whole book the day before the final exam.

Pick and choose depending on where you are in your business life. They all focus on helping you become a total leader. In our vocabulary a total leader is one who has the skills needed to take a team through team building exercises, can act as a mentor or executive coach when needed., and does not go to pieces when stress hits the hot button. More will be added on a monthly basis so visit this page regularly. And as I like to say “Keep going and keep growing!”



Wacked Wednesday will get you over the craziness that comes right in the middle of the work week. You can ask questions that will help you and others see the same old situations through new eyes. Leadership development is an ongoing experience. Sylvia’s tips help you gain a healthy attitude so you can give your work and home life your all!

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Evan Charmichael
Don’t Bring It to Work is a breakthrough book that can help entrepreneurs understand the behaviors of their staff, discover how these behaviors were created, and how to take action to change them for the better of the organization. If you find yourself constantly managing conflicts at your office, then you need to pick up this book.
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