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Total Leadership Connections


This week we are starting our 45th program of “Total Leadership Connections“. It is so much fun to watch the competent leaders who go through this unique program take their skills to new levels.


We have found that once there is an understanding of the 13 most common behavior patterns seen in all workplaces it changes the way you think of yourself and those with whom you work in your present organization, be it a large coproration, family business, or entrepreneurial start up. 


The BIG question…..what is the ROI?


The sticky stuff, employee conflicts that cause lost production, the “itches you couldn’t scratch” get attention. What was muddy in past relationship encounters at work become clear, and solutions are found to promote a positive work environment.   


Click here for more answers. I was being interviewed on the grounds of The  Country Place, our magnificant retreat center in the Pocono Mountains, where the TLC groups gather every other month for the four session program.

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