Edge™ Program

You have the right idea

You gather your best team and off you all go to create a successful new venture. Then, uh oh, reality sets and it’s not the smooth sailing you had hoped for.

We get that — and we have the expertise to get you past the tough times.

You see, after years of research and experimentation we know that business today requires a new mindset. It’s obvious in business headlines filled with leadership failures in high flying start ups. It comes in books about leaders who are known to be tone deaf to the world around them

Brilliant minds and innovative products are not enough.

What is needed is a combination of self- awareness with a deeper dose of self- understanding. Yes, observe, that is first. Then, next is to understand. You must move from the “what” to the “why” to keep your team functioning at high levels.

Creative Energy Options Inc helps prepare leaders for the difficult times. Preparation is much more important than adaptation. When prepared for the inevitable challenges and frustrations of business conflict you can prevent moments of stress from becoming mountains of crises.

In this program, you will be introduced to the power of team collaboration and the underlying behavior patterns that can get in the way of success. No one else is designing programs to observe and understand how annoying behaviors get in the way of productivity. And even more, how to transform what is not working into new ways of relating and responding.

That’s what we do.

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