Is it Good Luck or Bad Luck? You Decide!

We all give into superstitions when the day becomes dark. We say things to make ourselves feel better.  We really do create stories about good luck and bad luck.  Much like the following:

Now, what I’m going to say is really not that big a deal.  Except, it was a really big deal when it happened.

We put an offer on a house in Northern California, which I must say, is like the 1800’s land grab.

Nothing stays on the market very long and if something is super great, well, it is gone in days.  Not only gone in days, but above the asking price.  Bidding wars all over the place.  It’s crazy.

Notice the house in the image to the left.  That’s about what you get for the price.  Kinda depressing!

Anyway, we found the perfect home.  No, not the one above!  I mean perfect.  Out of town, in nature. Like Goldilocks, it was not too small, not too big.  Just right.

It had been on the market for one day.  We were first to see it the next day.

Did I say it was not too small, not too big, just right?  So, we had to scurry to put a bid in.  We were second.  Then we waited.