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Creative Energy Options

This new best seller "Invisible STRESS (It's NOT What YOU Think!)" offers skills vital for the uncertainty of our times and will benefit everyone personally as well as professionally. This is a survival guide to identify the fourth level of stress that most people never think about, but needs attention. Then you can live in the safe stress zone to enrich your life.

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How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don't work for you or your organization? This is the groundbreaking book about how patterns from your original organization, the family, show up at your present organization, work. Throughout the book you will learn how to breakthrough the pattern repetitions and unpack the family baggage that's been holding you back.

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Women leaders are making a significant difference in how we communicate and collaborate.This book has won 8 awards, and the second edition adds more vital information about how the world of relationships starting from your childhood till adulthood makes all the difference.

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Your story is your ticket to an improved work setting. We all know that there is undoubtedly more compassion once we can learn about someone's life. Women can no longer be shushed or ignored. The world will be a better place when we can all learn and grow together.