Leadership Program for Everyone

Do you feel like a born leader, but lack some skills to properly lead? Consider signing up for our leadership program. At Creative Energy Options, we have developed a program that is centered on helping you hone your natural leadership skills. We have taken the time and studied these skills for your benefit. Contact us to learn more.

Leadership Connections

There is often a fine line between poor leadership and well-managed, communicative leadership. As we grow, we pick up several different kinds of leadership and following techniques from those around us. This can be parents, teachers, friends, and anyone else we come into contact with. If we are learning poor leadership skills from others, we can accidentally implement them into our own lives and work.

We believe that the power to be a good leader is already within each individual; it just requires a little bit of help to coax it out. When you actively work with other like-minded people, you can more easily understand and properly use your leadership skills.

If you want to learn concepts of leading that will actually work, consider our leadership connections program. Through this carefully curated program, individuals will be able to better understand why they react the way they do and how to fix those problems. You can learn how to communicate with your employees, coworkers, and even people in your everyday life.

No matter where you work, understanding yourself and how to properly use leadership skills can help you feel at peace and communicate with anyone more easily.

If you are ready to understand yourself better and use your natural leadership skills, consider our leadership programs. Give us a call at (570) 233-1042 or fill out the form on our contact page and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Unlock the Power of Total Leadership Connections!

Our revolutionary online program is designed to transform your professional and personal life, empowering you to create meaningful connections and achieve unprecedented success. Imagine a world where every interaction is an opportunity for growth, collaboration, and inspiration. With Total Leadership Connections, you'll embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize how you lead, connect, and thrive. Step into a realm where connections become the lifeblood of your success.

Our program equips you with the tools and strategies to cultivate powerful relationships that transcend boundaries and unlock limitless possibilities.

Through immersive virtual sessions and engaging exercises, you will:
              Develop the art of authentic communication.
              Deepen your connections with colleagues, clients, and loved ones.
              Harness the power of empathy, active listening, and emotional intelligence.
              Forge bonds that foster trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

As you dive deeper into the Total Leadership Connections experience, you'll witness its remarkable impact on every aspect of your life. Unleash your true potential as a leader, driving your team towards unparalleled achievements.

Experience the thrill of seamless collaboration as you leverage your network's collective wisdom and diverse perspectives. Gain the confidence to pursue your boldest aspirations, knowing you have a support system that believes in your vision.

Together, we'll create a world where leadership is synonymous with connection and success knows no limits. Join Total Leadership Connections today and embark on a transformative journey toward unlocking your true leadership potential.

Embrace a future where meaningful connections fuel your success and impact every sphere of your life. Let’s build a world where leadership thrives through authentic, powerful, and purposeful connections.


Tyler Mathisen

Host Power Lunch CNBC
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

"Dr.Lafair is an amazingly acute analyzer of human behavior. Her programs pinpoint patterns that can make you sink, soar, or simply muddle through your career. Go to the next level with this important leadership work. The payoff is the elusive breakthrough you've sought for years." 

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Every next level of your life demands a different, upgraded you. Here are unique and tested methods to lead, communicate, and collaborate. This is a companion book to the award-winning Online Leadership Coaching program. Total Leadership Connections(TLC) has been recognized globally.


Nancy Duarte

CEO Duarte Design
Santa Clara, California

"This work distills various behavior patterns at work, helps you identify negative patterns, and then takes you through personal transformation. Every leader, emerging leader and
manager should read the book and do the program. You will benefit personally and professionally.
Wow. It's Wonderful!"


Frances Hesselbein

Founder, Leader to Leader Institute
New York, New York

"Sylvia Lafair's work brings a rare view of systems and systems thinking that is helpful to individuals and families, as well as business leaders working to build appreciation, cohesion, and success."


Named in the Top 20 Books
to make 2022 your best year ever.


Daniel Pink

Author of "A Whole New Mind"
Washington, District of Columbia

"Here you will learn to recognize and change workplace behavior that no longer supports you. Then you can also help others get past family baggage and office politics that prevent us from doing our best work."