Classes in Stress Mastery for Lawyers

Even the most cool-headed, seasoned trial lawyers could use some help dealing with the stress of a law career. Lawyers with stress mastery and stress management skills can much more effectively handle cases and live their lives outside of the courtroom and billable hours. If you or lawyers at your firm could benefit from this training, look no further.

Creative Energy Options is proud to offer classes in stress mastery for lawyers, a version of our Stress Busters classes tailored to help the expert attorneys at your firm to manage the unique daily stresses they face.

Why Creative Energy Options?

For over 25 years, Creative Energy Options and our president, Sylvia Lafair, have helped expert professionals and leaders become their best selves. We help you and your colleagues to grow professionally through a variety of leadership programs, consulting, and business coaching solutions that we tailor to meet your unique needs.

You will leave your class with Sylvia armed with knowledge you can immediately put to work for you in your personal and professional life.

Why Take Our Stress Classes for Lawyers?

Lawyers like you deal in minutiae, high stakes, and confrontation. The profession itself is competitive with a high pressure to perform. Even if you or many of the lawyers at your firm perform well under pressure, that pressure will eventually take a toll on your mental and physical health—and any job is easier to perform with a balanced life and stress management strategies.

You will learn how to use our Stress Mastery System to tackle stress more effectively, so you can thrive even in the most difficult of circumstances.

To book Sylvia Lafair for you and your firm, reach out to Creative Energy Options today. Reach out with our contact form, email Sylvia directly at, or call (570) 233-1042.