Time to Evict the Mind Monsters

What are those whispered words that haunt you even when no one is talking? These words show up at the most annoying times. They’re the ones that live in your head, like uninvited guests you can’t get rid of.

Each of you, yes, you, and you, and you, have certain phrases that are stuck. And no matter what you do, they just won’t go away.

  • Which phrases resonate with you?
  • You really aren’t that smart
  • No one thinks you are good looking
  • You better shut your mouth right now
  • You better make us proud
  • Who do you really think you are
  • You’re not fooling anyone, just zip it and do your job

Do you get depressed, anxious, frustrated, confused when you hear those voices reminding you of your past failures, mistakes, wrong moves? Do these voices in your head fill you with self- doubt? Do they make you feel like an imposter (even if you are heading a prestigious team)? Do you question your leadership skills? Are you filled with stress, staying up at night second guessing yourself?

If none of this applies to you, that’s great. You can stop reading and do something fun. However, for the rest of you, including me, stay tuned.

That poor battered inner child lives in each of us. And no, you don’t have to spend years and years in therapy to make the kid inside dance and sing.

Here is the way OUT:

  • Observe where you get stuck and who drives you to the brink
  • Understand who was the culprit in your past
  • Transform those annoying patterns from the past

Look, the behaviors you used as a defense against being told you were not good enough were there as survival mechanisms. They worked, didn’t they? You know they worked, cause, after all you’re still here.

YET, now those ways of responding are more harmful than helpful. Do you still avoid, deny, procrastinate, please, rebel?

There’s a better way.

Here’s a choice. You can read my award – winning book Don’t Bring It To Work or you can sign up for a career assessment session to help you figure out the next steps. Either way you will get help to tame that voice inside. Look it helped you survive but it won’t help you thrive.

Memories can haunt you if they are not tended to. Live your best life possible by saying “they will stop with me” and start finding a new and better way of responding today and into the future.

To your success,


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Sylvia Lafair

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