Sylvia Lafair

What YOU Can Do If Your Direct Reports Hate Your Guts!

By Sylvia Lafair | October 12, 2021 |

Summary: “I hate my boss” is a common comment in most workplaces. How do you know if you fit the category? Here’s the litmus test. Being a Boss Means YOU Must Handle Conflict at Work You’ve received a promotion. Congrats. You feel confident and ready for the challenge. That is to say, you’re now the…

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Are YOU a Liar? From Fibs to Fraud, Which Type Are YOU?

By Sylvia Lafair | October 5, 2021 |

Summary: There are many reasons people lie to each other and also to themselves. Read on to see which category is a fit for you. Then decide what you want to change. It starts, for all of us, when we are very young. From childhood, who remembers that chant: “Who took the cookies from the…

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Promoted? You Need GUTSY Ways to Handle the Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | September 28, 2021 |

Summary: Promotions always have a bright and a dark side. Often, there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips for men as well as all the women leaders out there. The black hole of feeling overwhelmed can be changed with intention. I get lots of emails and phone calls with the same…

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3 Ways to Go From Overwhelmed to Energized (Yes, It’s Possible)

By Sylvia Lafair | September 21, 2021 |

Summary: Do celebrations and holidays often leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are ways to stay calm, enjoy all the festivities, and avoid being branded a Debbie/Donny Downer. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I get overwhelmed so easily. For example, every time I think of getting ready for a family birthday, anniversary, or the upcoming holidays, you know,…

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I get overwhelmed so easily! What Would RBG Say?

By Sylvia Lafair | September 14, 2021 |

Summary: Tackle this common dilemma “I get overwhelmed so easily.” Here’s how to handle your emotions more effectively. Dear Dr. Sylvia,Each day I think to myself, “I can’t take any more surprises. I can’t take any more whining. I can’t take anymore bungled messes.” And then something else happens. For example, I went into a…

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How Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With Stressful Situations

By Sylvia Lafair | September 7, 2021 |

Summary: here is information about different kinds of stress. The more you know, the better at stress busting you can be, especially about eustress. Dear Dr. Sylvia, It doesn’t seem to stop. Just as soon as I have one problem solved at work, another shows up. Is work merely a game of “whack-a-mole?” Also, is…

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Be a Great Leader: Tackle Imposter Syndrome, Self-doubt, and Overwhelm

By Sylvia Lafair | August 31, 2021 |

Summary: Mental health has been upgraded. And it’s about time! It’s not just for those you label “nut cases.” It’s for you, and you, and me. For example, many people these days are talking and worrying about their mental health. Here’s how to remain calm, cool, and collected when extra stress is thrown your way.…

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4 Ways To Fix What Breaks (A Band-aid Is NOT Enough)

By Sylvia Lafair | August 24, 2021 |

Summary: How can you create a winning situation when it looks like you unintentionally set it up to lose. This is about leadership under pressure. And, in these complex times, pressure is all the time. Dear Dr. Sylvia, Well, it finally happened! And it has been awful, horrible, and over the top frustrating. My whole…

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4 Distinct Ways to Look at Difficult People You Work With From a New Perspective

By Sylvia Lafair | August 17, 2021 |

Summary: How do you deal with people who drive you nuts at work? Do you complain to HR or ignore them? I agree that Work is NOT a Rehab Facility. There are better ways to keep your staff positive besides just firing those with whom you don’t get along. How leaders handle conflict is a…

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Fatal Flaws: Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

By Sylvia Lafair | August 10, 2021 |

Summary: When you start a new job or get a great promotion, it’s common to experience self-doubt. Minds can fill with stress-related thoughts, like “can I, will I, am I capable?” The imposter syndrome often rears its ugly head. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are tips to stay strong and confident. What…

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