Leadership and What We Can Learn From Gen Z

By Sylvia Lafair | June 24, 2020 |

Hi everybody! Sylvia Lafair here, with the Sylvia speaks, where Sylvia says for Tuesday. What I’d like to do is just talk a little bit about the polarization that’s in the world, and what to do about it, and I learned a lot the other day from my 15 year old granddaughter, Arielle, who was…

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Leadership and Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | June 17, 2020 |

Hi everyone and welcome to another session of Sylvia says. I’m Sylvia Lafair and what I’d like to talk about today is leadership and stress. We all feel it. We all have it in some way. Each of us is a leader. So, this is probably for everybody, but I’m really focusing right now on…

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The Courage to Change: Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement

By Sylvia Lafair | June 10, 2020 |

“What’s the big deal! Diversity issues are not new.” That’s what I hear from so many leaders recently. They call to vent and complain. They want an easy answer to this “diversity thing.” They ask if I can create a customized program that will stop the noise and demands from employees and the community.  And,…

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Is There A Common Future?

By Sylvia Lafair | June 5, 2020 |

Here is the BIG QUESTION: What is the destination?  STOP!  Do not answer just yet.  George Floyd’s gruesome death has led us to ask. Covid-19 has caused us to ask.  Those marching in protest, those looting, those salivating for violence, have all come together to lead us down the road, once again, so we have a forum to…

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Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

By Sylvia Lafair | June 5, 2020 |

Hi everybody! Sylvia Lafair here, and I will keep this short. There are two parts to this that I’d like to guide you to look. First, if you do not know who Jane Elliott is, please google her and please watch the documentary and some of the newer things she’s done. I will tell you…

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What Is Needed NOW In Leadership

By Sylvia Lafair | June 3, 2020 |

Hi everybody! Sylvia Lafair here, and I woke up this morning pretty agitated in distress, and when I turn the news on, of course, it was validated with what’s going on in Minnesota and literally all over the country for that fact, and I started thinking with school not in, and kids not able to…

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What is the new normal?

By Sylvia Lafair | May 27, 2020 |

The question every leader is asking these days is:  What is the new normal?   Back to the office? Part-time at home? Full time at home?  Look, initially, It won’t be business as usual. It will be business as unusual.  We all yearn for physical safety and equally as important we yearn for psychological safety.  Physical safety means nods not handshakes. It means…

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Change: What really matters as we begin to create the new normal?

By Sylvia Lafair | May 13, 2020 |

Change is inevitable however, we’ve been thrown into change, more change than we’ve ever expected to experience in our lifetimes.  So how do we figure what really matters as we begin to create the new normal? I want to share the story where the president of a company I work with recently called me and said the following: …

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Who decides when enough is enough?

By Sylvia Lafair | April 22, 2020 |

How many of you have said, “enough is enough?” And how many of you find that while you demand that the upset stop, it just keeps going on and on.   QUESTION: Who decides when enough is enough?  ANSWER: It depends on the circumstances.  What an annoying, non-answer.  Well, it does depend on the circumstances.   EXAMPLE:…

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Handle Stress Under Pressure

By Sylvia Lafair | April 8, 2020 |

Hi everybody! So, gala fair here, and I have a few tips about handling stress. Every call I get, every email I get, every text I get has something about stress, overwhelmed stress. How to handle stress, hating stress and then I’ll ask this question, are you in distress or you stress? And they think…

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