Critical Thinking: Three Leadership Skills Examples For Great Decisions

By Sylvia Lafair | July 6, 2021 |

Here are three leadership skills examples you can use to effectively approach problem-solving and make better decisions. Above all, it’s about critical thinking. Question: Who is one of the most critical thinkers of all time? Yup, It’s Albert Einstein. And there he is wearing an up-to-date sweater to compliment his great hairstyle. Most importantly, he…

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Leadership: What’s Your FQ (Freedom Quotient)?

By Sylvia Lafair | June 30, 2021 |

Are your leadership skills enough to keep you feeling free in your life? The importance of celebrating independence day got me thinking. For example, the red, white, and blue flag, and the POW of celebratory fireworks brought to mind Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Hamilton. Above all, I wondered, is it possible to truly feel free…

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What Do You Buy When You Sign-On for Leadership Development?

By Sylvia Lafair | June 22, 2021 |

What do you think you are buying when you purchase perfume, a car, or a vacation package to Hawaii? And, what is the best reason to purchase a leadership enhancement program? Can you sell leadership? Did you know that at least 89 percent of employees surveyed worldwide have strong preferences about leadership qualities? Being authentic…

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leadership under stress

Leadership in Times of Stress and Change

By Sylvia Lafair | June 8, 2021 |

Do you, as a leader, work under intense pressure? My guess is, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Here’s what to do. Leadership need a clear vision to not collide with stress For example, can you keep your employees aligned on vision, mission, and results? Or is conflict higher than ever? To clarify, what happens…

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How Leaders Increase Work and Personal Productivity With Less Stress

How Leaders Increase Work and Personal Productivity With Less Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | June 2, 2021 |

New discussions are popping, indicating leadership is not just about business anymore. It never really was. Conversations now address life’s purpose. Here is how you can decrease stress, increase productivity, and be confident in your decisions. Can you really balance the work-home conundrum? Dear Dr. Sylvia, I have been so comfortable working from home. I…

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How Successful Leaders Handle Stress and Family

By Sylvia Lafair | April 7, 2021 |

How do successful women do it? Did you ever think about what it means to be a grown-up and a child at the same time? In every society, once you reach a certain age, you are officially an adult. And yet, there is always that inner feeling of being someone’s little one, even if just…

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Five Steps to a New You! ALL Year Long.

By Sylvia Lafair | April 1, 2021 |

Ready for a New YOU! Most importantly, don’t ever wait to ring in the new year to start creating a vision for the new you. Above all, isn’t that what most of us want? In the same vein, we are constantly striving to evolve and change. Consequently, do you start each year with a boatload…

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

By Sylvia Lafair | March 26, 2021 |

Dear Dr Sylvia, I have been reading a lot about emotional intelligence recently. My first question is, ‘what is emotional intelligence?’ Actually, I think it is about the capacity to control and express oneself and handle interpersonal relationships with ease, Am I right? I think so. Therefore, I would love to hear your answer to…

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Crack the Code on Stress Once and Forever

By Sylvia Lafair | March 5, 2021 |

Does being told “Just relax” make you even more stressed out? You can’t seem to hit the target and get your life working the way you want. Does the effect of today’s upsets keep you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Are you stressing out because your worries are so strong they cause a lack of focus,…

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Look… We’re All Human, Right?

By Sylvia Lafair | December 2, 2020 |

How to have a positive mindset. Stay tuned. Dear Dr. Sylvia, Look, we’re all human. Right? As a result, we all have good and bad personality traits. Right? Firstly, I want to know how to have a positive mindset. On the other hand, I want to know how do you change your mindset from negative…

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