Can An Apple Change the World?

Dear Dr. Sylvia,

I just finished the most delicious apple that I sprinkled with some cinnamon and brown sugar. Did you know that cinnamon is really good for you? It can help stabilize blood pressure and keep your mood from fluctuating like a roller coaster. 

Who knew?

With more time at home than ever, I am researching how to stay healthy and maybe even happy with all the restrictions.

I miss shopping, eating out, smiling (with masks on no one can really see your bright shiny smile) and the best I can do is hope my eyes show when I am happy.

I am doing my part of spreading joy by telling my friends about the benefits of apples with cinnamon and even moving from sugar to stevia as a sweetener. 

Right now, while we are busy with Christmas decorations, poinsettia plants, and figuring out how to make this year, which is different for most of us, still fun and creative, I want some advice.

I have been thinking about well, thinking out of the box, so to speak. 

Are there any ideas to keep me, my family, my co-workers, my friends, not focusing on what is NOT working (lots!) and what a bright future can look like maybe, just maybe before the winter is over?


Apple Lover

Dear Apple Lover,

You are eating properly for your health. Of course, you remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” that does have lots of truth to it. And there is a great saying about someone being “the apple of your eye” which is a wonderful compliment.

Before I give you a fun way to stay creative over the holidays, I want to just talk about the THREE APPLES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.

  • The apple that Eve ate and gave to Adam
  • The one that dropped on Newton’s head
  • The one that Steve Jobs built

Here is what you can do to stay creative these days.

First, eat a wonderful, juicy apple. And while you are savoring the sweetness and the crispness, think of what else you can do with an apple. 

I’ll give you one idea to start: make potpourri to make your home smell great. I’ll even give you the recipe. Slice apples and put in the oven at 250 degrees. Bake for about 1.5 hours and then mix them with, you betcha, cinnamon, and add cloves. Put in a jar and you have a great aroma for the holidays.

Make a contest out of it. Who can find more ways to use apples?  It can be lots of fun and will get your creative mind working full time.

Here is another brain teaser. What are 10 ways you can use a wastebasket? (How bout as a hat?) 

In any case, Take some time and have fun with basic things around the house that you can use in new ways.

Kids love this and so will grandma and grandpa. 

The more we use our creative energy, the more we can stay positive and not end up all stressed out and frustrated.

Here’s to great ideas,


P.S. My Stress Busters program is very informative with novel ways to look at the tension and anxiety of this pandemic time. Check out the program. Great discount for the rest of this holiday season.

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