How to Go From Mad to Glad During The Holidays

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Summary: Anger management is vital, especially during the holidays when everyone feels over-stressed. Here is one way to find out where your upset began.

So, let me ask you? What do you do when you get foot-stomping angry? Maybe you kick a big rock (ouch). Perhaps you pound your hand on a desk (ouch)? What causes you to say, “They’re driving me crazy! He’s driving me crazy! She’s driving me crazy! They’re still driving me crazy!”

As a result, what do you do? Well, let me tell you, there are specific ways to get you from mad to glad.

Intrigued yet?

Stress reduction and anger management are needed more at holiday time.

Most importantly, I bet, it will help you through the holidays, and beyond.

Firstly, lets start with mad. Here is absolutely the first thing to do when you are super mad. Take a deep seven-second breath, take that deep breath, hold it for seven seconds let it out, and say, “It’s just an annoyance and I can let my anger go right now.”

Moreover, here’s a clue about anger. Usually, when we get really angry, if it lasts more than seven seconds, you better look back.

What do I mean about looking back? I mean exactly that.

How much of your day is spent with anger management?

For example, when your anger is about something annoying or intimidating that just happened and you want to express your upset, go ahead. That’s good. Better not to stuff it.

However, if you spend the rest of the day stewing about the injustice of it all, then, guess what? You need to look elsewhere to find out what’s going on.

Then ask yourself, “Where else have I had this feeling in my life?”

Here’s a suggestion. Journaling your thoughts can make a difference. It’s good for your health, and yes, there’s research to show how writing about your emotions limits stress and upset. . So, go and jot down all the things that make you mad or sad.

Anger management means also looking at the sadness under the anger.

Once you have done this it’s time to go past the mad and focus on the sad.

The mad is going to get in the way. More importantly, what makes you sad? What is wrong with my relationships? Why aren’t they listening to me? What’s in the way of success at work? Why can’t my four-year-old just go to bed and be quiet?

Why can’t my teenager stop eating all the sugar stuff? Even though, I keep telling her it’s poison, poison, poison? Why doesn’t my husband ever do the dishes? You know it all. And my boss always asks me for things at the last minute? Then, there’s my colleague who always begs me to come over and help with her computer mess? Why?

Did you know that under “the mad” is always “the sad?”

Say to yourself, “I wonder why I feel so upset,” or “I’m curious” to find out what lies underneath all the mad and the sad.”

Words can help you manage your anger are “I wonder” and “I’m curious.”

Above all, these words, wonder, and curious are magic. They take us back to childhood when we were always in wonder, always curious. Are you still wondering and curious about your life now?

Once you learn about the different routes to get out of being mad, let go of feeling sad and move to that sunny place of glad, you are in charge of your emotions, not the other way around.

That’s just the beginning of my program, Stress Busters. You’re going to get all the tools you need to be able to master the stress that has always kept you hostage. The stress of being mad or sad shows up even more around the holidays.

Therefore, I have a pre-Christmas gift for you. It is a companion to both the Stress Busters program and my new book “Invisible STRESS (It’s NOT What YOU Think!)”

Communicate words with an emotional undertone for anger management.

You know that anger impacts you physically. You also know excessive sadness can make you sick. This is a book of great words and sentences you can choose to use when you are having trouble expressing your sad or mad.

Further, you can think about leaving the crutches behind, such as excessive food or extreme shopping, You can reconsider dropping annoying people from your life. All of that stuff doesn’t work.

What works is becoming more self-aware. And after that finding the best way to communicate your frustration to the right people.

You can get my gift “79 Power Sentences” and let this be the first step at anger management over the holidays.

I did a lot of research and it’s an informative book I believe will help you. Click the link here to get your copy. I’d love you to have this as a holiday gift to keep you out of sad or mad, and into glad.

Here’s to your success,


PS. If you like watching videos, here is the one I did about moving from mad to glad. Enjoy.

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