5 Surprising Secrets Leaders Use to Stay Calm When Stress Is High

By Sylvia Lafair | April 13, 2021

Your performance as a leader is directly related to how calm you can remain when stress hits the hot button. Above all, learn various ways to keep that darn stress at bay. The only thing that won’t work is to be told, “Stay calm.” Above all, what you need to do is… something. Here’s what…

How Successful Leaders Handle Stress and Family

By Sylvia Lafair | April 7, 2021

Did you ever think about what it means to be a grown-up and a child at the same time? In every society, once you reach a certain age, you are deemed an adult. And yet, there is always that inner feeling of being someone’s little one, even if just for a moment. It’s not about…

5 Ways for Leaders to Lessen Stress at Work

By Sylvia Lafair | April 1, 2021

Dear Dr. Sylvia,My boss decided that it was time for him to retire. Consequently, I am nominated to take his position. Above all, I am honored and very nervous. Yes, very nervous! Therefore, I need some help from you. Firstly, I want to take advantage of your vast knowledge of workplace relationships and your astute…

Five Steps to a New You!

By Sylvia Lafair | April 1, 2021

Ready for a New YOU! Isn’t that what most of us want? We are constantly striving to evolve and change. Do you start each year with a boatload of positive promises about yourself? Hopefully, at least a few ideas stick so you can become a better person. That there will be ONE, that’s all, just…

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

By Sylvia Lafair | March 26, 2021

Dear Dr Sylvia, I have been reading a lot about emotional intelligence recently and I would love to hear your answer to the following question: “Is it more effective to talk mostly about facts or add lots of vibrant color using emotional words at work?” I believe we are all looking at the importance of…

Who Handles ANGER Better, Males Or Females?

By Sylvia Lafair | March 8, 2021

Does anger win or do you? Do you ever stop long enough to think about anger? When you feel that red hot flame of upset start in your gut, and it soon finds its way to your mouth. Will you react with shouts ? Or swallow you rage and walk away as fast as possible?…

Can’t Decide? Yes, No, Maybe? Here’s What To Do

By Sylvia Lafair | March 6, 2021

How to decide what to decide. Do you get all tangled up inside when you have to make a big decision? Or even a small one? For instance, “The tie comes in blue, red or leopard print. Which do I get?” Another example, “Is hotel A or B best for our summer vacation? Wait, what…

Crack the Code on Stress Once and Forever

By Sylvia Lafair | March 5, 2021

Does being told “Just relax” make you even more stressed out? You can’t seem to hit the target and get your life working the way you want. Does the effect of today’s upsets keep you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Are you stressing out because your worries are so strong they cause a lack of focus,…

How Do We Help The Men (or should we?)

By Sylvia Lafair | March 3, 2021

Dear Dr. Sylvia, My question: Are we leaving the men behind? Let me explain. I must hire a new marketing manager for my company.  Here is why I am writing to you: In the past it’s been top heavy with strong, competent men. And the good news is that in the last four years there…

Conflict Competence: The Answer to Your Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | February 25, 2021

Stressed out? Conflict competence is the solution. Read on to learn more… Dear Dr Sylvia,   I have a question and I need more than just an answer.  I need a solution.  I need an action plan.  If you can do that, I will follow you forever.  If not, I will delete you and look elsewhere.  Are you up for the…

Why You Procrastinate (And 7 Ways to Stop)

By Sylvia Lafair | February 25, 2021

You may think there are a lot of reasons why you procrastinate, but it really comes down to one ugly underlying habit: people pleasing. Here’s how to stop. Dear Dr. Sylvia,  It took me weeks to finally press the “send” button on my email to you with my dilemma. This is embarrassing for me to admit out loud. Here’s…

become conflict competent graphic

How to Become Conflict Competent

By Sylvia Lafair | February 24, 2021

Anyone can become conflict competent. Yes…even those who argue ALL THE TIME. Here’s how to do it. Dear Dr Sylvia,  I have been fighting with everyone lately. That includes my boss, my spouse, my kids, my assistant, my co-workers, even the check- out guy at the supermarket.  I should not complain.  But I must!  You…