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A Tale of Two Generations: Impact of Author Ernest Hemingway’s Childhood on His Transgender Son

By Sylvia Lafair | June 6, 2023

Summary: Mental health is part of the business world for all leaders to consider at work. Pride Month offers a time to look at this complex topic through the life of Ernest Hemingway. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I am struggling with a senior VP who announced he is becoming a she. “They,” asked how that would…

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Strategic Advantage: Leading with a Systems Mindset Wins

By Sylvia Lafair | May 31, 2023

Summary: Incorporating systems thinking into leadership teams can help promote an interconnected approach to problem-solving and decision-making. Here are some steps to add methods of thinking to your executive team. Dear Dr. Sylvia, My executive team is beginning to collaborate in new ways. I would appreciate some tools for including systems thinking in our weekly…

Two Golden State Warriors’ basketball players

Rebuilding Trust: The Warriors’ Path to Championship Greatness after the “Green-Poole Incident”

By Sylvia Lafair | May 26, 2023

Summary: What happens when a fist hits flesh? Or when words sting and burn? Conflict is a BIG problem that can make teams thrive if handled effectively. Conversely, customers and employees leave (or lose championship games) when conflict is swept under the rug. Here are my thoughts about best practices for conflict resolution. Dear Dr.…

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Break FREE From Negative Biases To Make Better Decisions

By Sylvia Lafair | May 19, 2023

Summary: Here are ways to decide the best practices for you and your company to let go of old, outdated decision-making methods. Dear Dr. Sylvia, We must find more effective ways to make decisions that will not backfire months or years later. Therefore, please give some specific ideas so companies can manage better ways to…

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How leaders recognize and overcome cognitive biases that impede critical thinking

By Sylvia Lafair | May 4, 2023

Summary: Cognitive biases can impede critical thinking and decision-making. When leaders make more objective and informed decisions, they move to the head of the pack of successful companies. Dear Dr. Sylvia, What’s a gal to do? My senior team is looking at how we can do better with strategic planning. My colleague told me that…

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Critical Thinking for Twenty-first Century Leaders

By Sylvia Lafair | April 26, 2023

Summary: Leaders are constantly faced with challenges that require them to analyze information. You must also evaluate alternatives and make decisions that have far-reaching consequences. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. You must study and evaluate information to arrive at sound judgments and decisions. Here are ways to bring these skills…

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Creating a Safe and Inclusive Classroom: Tips for Educators and Leaders

By Sylvia Lafair | April 25, 2023

Summary: Creating a safe and inclusive classroom is essential for students to feel supported, valued, and motivated to learn. Teachers play a crucial role in fostering a positive and welcoming environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here are practical tips (and one that is unique and powerful) for education leaders to create a safe…

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The Cost of Stress: How Leaders Can Stay Resilient

By Sylvia Lafair | April 20, 2023

Summary: As leaders, it is essential to take care of yourselves so that you can take care of your team and your customers. Here are some tips and strategies to help you manage stress and lead your team effectively. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I just read that stress in the workplace is a billion-dollar problem. Not…

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Diversity in the Workplace: Tips for Creating an Inclusive Environment

By Sylvia Lafair | April 12, 2023

Summary: Creating a diverse workplace requires a significant effort from everyone in the organization. Here I explore how to impact diversity at work, with examples of successful initiatives. Dear Dr. Sylvia, Firstly, congrats on being named in the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Diversity and Inclusion 2023 from Thinkers 360. Similarly, I…

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Educators and Parents: How to Prepare High School Students for Adulthood

By Sylvia Lafair | April 10, 2023

Summary: What is missing in preparing today’s students for life challenges? They want “people skills,” and it would benefit us to teach them skills to be better adults. Dear Dr. Sylvia, As a large urban high school principal, I appreciate your time with my leadership team. Furthermore, I did what you suggested. I surveyed the…

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Your Family’s Secret Influence On Career Success

By Sylvia Lafair | April 5, 2023

Summary: Family patterns can impact individual development. This includes the ability to become influential adult leaders. Leaders who become more aware of the impact of the past on the present are the ones who will win long-term. Dear Dr. Sylvia, As head of HR at a very competitive organization, one of my main areas of…

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10 Proven Strategies for Educators to Empower Students in Coping with Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | March 31, 2023

Summary: Is the world spinning out of control? It feels that way with the speed of negative issues that seem to impact everyone, everywhere, all at once. Here are some ways to help students cope with the complexities of modern life. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I am a high school English teacher. My kids are hurting…