Business & Life Patterns

Toxic Woman At Work

By Sylvia Lafair | June 2, 2015 |

Dear Dr. Sylvia, The past few weeks have been like living in a super hot hell. There have been a ton of arguments and drama, mainly because one woman wants her way and is dividing our staff (we only have 20 people working on-site). There is Team A (Suzie’s team) and Team B (my team).…

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What To Do When You’ve Said Too Much

By Sylvia Lafair | May 27, 2015 |

Dear Dr. Sylvia, I read your post yesterday in about anger and by the time I was finished I was sad and depressed. You see, I have come to realize I have a problem with saying way more than is necessary when I get upset. At work, they even sent me to an anger…

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Leadership Training: The 5 Second Breath

By Sylvia Lafair | May 5, 2015 |

Troy is one of the most energetic, funny and charismatic leaders in the company. When someone needs help it is there immediately. When someone has an idea Troy is there with suggestions. When someone feels frustrated, well, you guessed it, Troy has the words that work. EXCEPT Troy was not always a hero. Everyone used…

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Pattern Clash: When The Jerk At Work Meets The Jerk At Work

By Sylvia Lafair | February 16, 2015 |

“I work hard” he muttered. I could barely hear him. “You do WHAT?” I asked. “Work hard. I told you, I work hard.” It seemed to him like no one ever really listened. He went on to say that he was sick of spending his nights correcting his boss’s awful grammar for her reports that…

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Naughty Can Become NICE

By Sylvia Lafair | December 16, 2014 |

The road was slick from the rain. I did not want to complain because the Bay Area needs to fill up its rivers and reservoirs as fast as possible. None the less, when a car swerved just a bit too close for comfort I shouted out from that place inside that activates stress “Watch out…

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Talk Of Torture Timely For Leadership Development

By Sylvia Lafair | December 14, 2014 |

What a bummer that Angelina Jolie will miss the opening of the film “Unbroken” that she directed. Sadly, she missed the chicken pox as a kid and has to break out and itch as an adult. However, the timing of this film is placed perfectly. With Dick Cheney in great confidence saying he did not think that our country…

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They Are ALL Our Children

By Sylvia Lafair | November 23, 2014 |

Years ago I was in Brazil for a conference. It was wonderful looking up at the “Christo Redentor” that is so much a part of Rio. It was fun sun bathing and walking along the famous Ipanema beach. I also had an opportunity to go inland to some of the mines where the crystals are…

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