Spotting The Big Difference Between Charming and Sincere

By Sylvia Lafair | October 2, 2016 |

We live in a time of sizzle and dazzle, quips and giggles. It’s not a time to do deep dives into any subject. How do I know? I’ve fool-hardheartedly been following the Presidential election soaps on television and twitter. I’ve been wondering why and when we turned from substance to slander and superficiality. I want…

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Big Decisions, Little Decisions: Which Are More Important?

By Sylvia Lafair | August 23, 2016 |

The quality of your life, personally and professionally, is based on how you make decisions. There is the old way and the new way: hint, the new way is actually older than the old way. The indigenous cultures all knew and still know that everything is connected. Somewhere along the way as we became “sophisticated…

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Powerful And GUTSY

By Sylvia Lafair | January 26, 2016 |

I have a birth to announce. Beautiful babies come in various packages. Some in the warm skin of an infant son or daughter. Others as works of art, music, photography, dance, the written word. Joan Scharff just gave birth to a wonderful book of poems and pictures. I met her several years ago when she…

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Leadership Lessons How To Raise Healthy Kids To Be Excellent Leaders

By Sylvia Lafair | January 22, 2016 |

We know all the basics: lots of fresh air, sleep, fruits and vegetables, friendships, and loving parents. There is one extra area that works like a charm. It is kids teaching kids. You see, too much adult supervision and youngsters stop listening. All they hear is blah, blah, blah. And more than that, there is…

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How To Help A Toxic Boss Become A Positive Leader

By Sylvia Lafair | December 8, 2015 |

It is a basic fact that water rolls downhill. “So what” you say. Well, that is an obvious truth. So is the fact that toxic leaders can cause their employees to act badly. However, there is another part to this equation. While people are blaming their bosses for blaming and shaming the same is true…

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Honoring Our Veterans: Each In Our Own Way

By Sylvia Lafair | November 10, 2015 |

I sat in silence listening to the stories of battered trucks driving down dirt roads and blowing up just a hairs breath from soldiers on duty. I heard about the pain, angst and often guilt that is part of physically fighting someone into submission or fear being killed. The vets all said, in their own…

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How We All Can Lead Cultural And Interpersonal Change Throughout The World

By Sylvia Lafair | October 16, 2015 |

I have not been to China for over a decade and coming here now was a bit of a shock. Tall buildings everywhere, cars replacing the myriad of bicycles that clogged the streets of Beijing on my last trip. Young people laughing and flirting. Parents caring for their coveted only child. Children who are well…

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Gender Equality Isn’t About Women Winning And Men Losing

By Sylvia Lafair | October 14, 2015 |

Consider for a moment that women and men have never been equal at any time in history – not ever. This is a staggering thought, and it makes it clear that we are sailing in uncharted waters. It’s why there is no ‘best practice’ in place and no magic wand. What we are involved in…

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How To Get Heard After You’ve Been Whacked Upside The Head

By Sylvia Lafair | September 23, 2015 |

Dear Dr. Sylvia, I know you think that we can all transform our negative patterns. I have my doubts. You see, I read your book…twice! And I still have a serious problem. I took the Pattern Aware Quiz and know I am considered a persecutor/bully. I have worked hard to change my style from being…

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Can BAD People Be Good Leaders?

By Sylvia Lafair | June 30, 2015 |

When Tom was fired from his CEO position there were lots of heads shaking side to side wondering what happened. Tom was a charismatic kind of guy who was always telling funny jokes and encouraging everyone to do the best they could do. He was both cheerleader and coach. So what happened? Let’s face it.…

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