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Telling the Truth: Not for Wimps

By Sylvia Lafair | November 30, 2021

Summary: Why is telling the truth so darn hard? Why is it even worse to speak truth to power? It’s about the words and especially about the timing. Here are some ways to make truth-telling more effective. So much information, so much confusion. Who do you believe?  Which media outlets are pushing out fake news…

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Pandora, Stress Management, and Hope

By Sylvia Lafair | November 23, 2021

Here is a timely story for this holiday season. It starts with a wedding gift. So far, so good. It was a gift from Zeus to the gorgeous young bride, Pandora. However, Zeus put Pandora in a double bind. You see, while she received this beautiful box (actually, in Greek mythology, it’s a jar). The…

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How Can You Handle Current Stress Level?

By Sylvia Lafair | November 9, 2021

Summary: Stress is at an all-time high. Here are ways to think about this as a friend rather than an enemy and “practice safe stress.” Learn ways to manage stress right here. How stressed are you? On a scale of 1-10 with ten at “I can’t take much more” to 1 at, “Huh, what is there to…

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What to do when you feel overwhelmed

By Sylvia Lafair | November 2, 2021

Summary: What do you keep telling yourself when you have no more bandwidth to do one more thing? Overwhelmed is how most business people feel these days. Here are some ideas to help you find a way to be reinvigorated. Dear Dr. Sylvia, Everything right now seems to make my staff (including me) tense and…

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GUTSY Women, Witches, and Halloween

By Sylvia Lafair | October 26, 2021

Summary: Do you ever wonder why so many women are bothered by self-doubt and afraid to speak out? Here are some reasons that may surprise you. Women, as well as men, please pay attention. I found some fascinating information when researching my book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change,” I found some fascinating information. More…

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Change YOUR Habits For The Better

By Sylvia Lafair | October 19, 2021

Summary: What is the first step to change your bad habits and live a more fulfilling life? Read on and find out what to do to feel better, be better. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I did it again. It doesn’t matter what I did. However, I thought I had changed my awful bad habits, and it…

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What YOU Can Do If Your Direct Reports Hate Your Guts!

By Sylvia Lafair | October 12, 2021

Summary: “I hate my boss” is a common comment in most workplaces. How do you know if you fit the category? Here’s the litmus test. Being a Boss Means YOU Must Handle Conflict at Work You’ve received a promotion. Congrats. You feel confident and ready for the challenge. That is to say, you’re now the…

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Are YOU a Liar? From Fibs to Fraud, Which Type Are YOU?

By Sylvia Lafair | October 5, 2021

Summary: There are many reasons people lie to each other and also to themselves. Read on to see which category is a fit for you. Then decide what you want to change. It starts, for all of us, when we are very young. From childhood, who remembers that chant: “Who took the cookies from the…

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Promoted? You Need GUTSY Ways to Handle the Stress

By Sylvia Lafair | September 28, 2021

Summary: Promotions always have a bright and a dark side. Often, there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips for men as well as all the women leaders out there. The black hole of feeling overwhelmed can be changed with intention. I get lots of emails and phone calls with the same…

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3 Ways to Go From Overwhelmed to Energized (Yes, It’s Possible)

By Sylvia Lafair | September 21, 2021

Summary: Do celebrations and holidays often leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are ways to stay calm, enjoy all the festivities, and avoid being branded a Debbie/Donny Downer. Dear Dr. Sylvia, I get overwhelmed so easily. For example, every time I think of getting ready for a family birthday, anniversary, or the upcoming holidays, you know,…

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I get overwhelmed so easily! What Would RBG Say?

By Sylvia Lafair | September 14, 2021

Summary: Tackle this common dilemma “I get overwhelmed so easily.” Here’s how to handle your emotions more effectively. Dear Dr. Sylvia,Each day I think to myself, “I can’t take any more surprises. I can’t take any more whining. I can’t take anymore bungled messes.” And then something else happens. For example, I went into a…

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How Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With Stressful Situations

By Sylvia Lafair | September 7, 2021

Summary: here is information about different kinds of stress. The more you know, the better at stress busting you can be, especially about eustress. Dear Dr. Sylvia, It doesn’t seem to stop. Just as soon as I have one problem solved at work, another shows up. Is work merely a game of “whack-a-mole?” Also, is…