Don’t Believe the Hype…There’s No Snake Oil Remedy for Success

Did you ever look at someone who seems to have it all and begin to shrink yourself down to the size of a pea, feeling worthless?

Do you ever listen to someone who has the answers, I mean the real answers, to health, wealth, and relationships, and feel like a dummy…really less than?

Have you ever felt depressed meeting someone who is taller, thinner, better dressed and felt like a loser, never being good enough?

Look, there’s always a back story and without knowing the underbelly of someone’s life, it’s so easy to put yourself at the back of the pack.

We all do it, or at least those of us who are honest and searching for truth.  Sometimes, we wonder if we are failing, while others are jogging up that mountain of success without missing a beat.

I just had that happen today and it was like a whack on the side of the head, a wake-up call, to be careful not to buy into what looks good on the outside, without checking further.

Snake oil for sale…careful!

A magic elixir to keep you healthy, wealthy, and happy all the time sure does sound good, doesn’t it?

I was looking for research to validate an article I was writing for  I ended up watching a YouTube presentation done by a woman who seems to be amazingly successful.   She, like me, is a leadership coach.  As I watched, I could hear my inner critic telling me I was worthless, dumb and certainly not good enough.

Now, as they say, here’s the rest of the story.

I did more research and found out she and her now ex-husband, had used non-profit money, to the tune of $10 million, to support their lifestyle.  He went to prison; she just agreed to help pay the money back. Not happening.  She’s out there teaching stuff like, “follow your dreams, how to make more money (hmmm) and how to have it all.” (double hmmm)

Got me thinking about success and what really matters.  I’d like to peel away the hype.  Here are some life rules that make a difference for me.

  1. You can’t be happy all the time and be real.
  2. Challenges are often dastardly and disappointing.
  3. You won’t always get what you want.
  4. Keep regrets to a minimum.
  5. You really do reap what you sow.
  6. You can run, but you can’t hide.
  7. Adventures make better memories than stuff does.
  8. Getting older doesn’t make you old.
  9. Careful the tale you tell, people will listen.
  10. After the rain, the rainbow.

I’d love to hear your words to live by.   A rich, full life is filled with complexities, ups and downs, the bitter and the better.  

Let’s all keep it real.  

Remember this to keep the snake oil salespeople away.

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