What Is Your AQ?

Hi! Sylvia Lafair here from Bangkok, Thailand. And what I’d like to do is welcome all of us to this new decade, the 2020s! And the big question for us now is going to be, how does your AQ, not your IQ, not your EQ.

Your AQ, which is your adaptability quotient. And being here in Thailand, it’s been an incredible experience to be able to kind of figure out what people are saying in a language that is pretty far into us to do this, which has been the most fun thing. Let me see if I get this up properly working with the elephants.

It’s just been an incredible experience.

We came here to see what it was like to be in a different environment and really spending a day with these beautiful, beautiful elephants who are in a reserve specially, set for them. So, they can be nurtured and cared for Riding on their backs, they don’t really like that but we were able to feed them. We were able to wash them. We were able to just simply communicate with them. And what I’d like to do is suggest to each of you that in this decade of change, you do something different. Have to go all the way to Thailand to pad an elephant , you can simply walk outside, turn to somebody you don’t know and say hello.

What we’re talking about now is, doing something different. That’s what change is all about and one of the issues with change that we have had experiences with, is that, we only change when we’re forced to. When something is happening. We lose a job. Our health changes. A relationship changes and therefore, I’m suggesting that we begin to practice change. Practice it every day. Do one thing differently. One that’s all I’m asking is one thing differently turn to somebody if you walk down the street or if you ride a bus or a train to work or go into a city or if you’re in the supermarket. Turn to somebody near you and simply say, “Hi! How are you?” That’s all you have to do, is do it differently.

If you’re Pro not to talk to people, talk to them. If you talk to them all the time, just be quiet and observe.

What I’m suggesting is this time this decade. This necessary time of change is within each of us to do so.

We have had an incredible time here in in Thailand, understanding the nature of things.

I will send some beautiful pictures when we get back next week, and I want to wish you all an incredible prosperous exciting year ahead. A year where we can learn and grow and be together, where we can learn to be the best leaders. We can be the best followers. We can be and all I’m suggesting is each day, do one thing. One thing could be something simple if you normally brush your teeth with your right hand and I’m right-handed, do it with your left hand. If you’re stirring a pot of over with your right hand, do it with your left hand or reverse it all.

I’m saying, is each day do one thing to begin to activate that AQ, that adaptability quotient and have a wonderful exciting time. Finding new ways to do things, the old things, the old ways have to change.

Thank you so much and blessings to all of you.

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Sylvia Lafair

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