Gutsy Women Need to Work Together to Make the Changes in the World


This is for all the gutsy women out there. All of us who are here to make change happen, to make the world a better place, to make our lives more fulfilling.

This is for all of you and all of you who have joined my women leaders inner circle.

I so appreciate it now.

Here’s what I’d like to say, because this is really important. We need to work together to make the changes in the world.

So, I need to hear from you. I need to hear questions. I need to hear comments. I need to hear critiques of what’s going on. Whether you agree, don’t agree, have other points of view. Everything, so we can have a really juicy discussion.

So, for all the gutsy women out there, those of you who have joined, welcome. Please contribute even if it’s a sentence or two, so that we can keep moving forward.

I have lots I love to share with you and I also want to hear from you, and those of you who aren’t sure about joining, check out some of my work on our website, on Creative Energy Options, and see if this is for you.

We really are moving into an era where, I believe that women with our creativity and our sense of self, can help make the world a better place and my formula, I think many of you have heard of before, is as we women become more daring in every area of our lives, we give men the room to become more caring, because the models were really locked in place. Women were at home and were passive. Men were out there doing whatever. It’s changed. It’s changing. It will continue to change.

So, as women become more daring, men become more caring and daring plus caring equals share, and we will have a much more, a world that is much more connected in a different way, where we can share and we can help each other. We can all be vulnerable, and we can all be strong.

So, go for it. Join women leaders inner circle.

If you’re not part of it and those of you who have joined, I so welcome you and our team of coaches is here for you and some of them, many of them, the women anyway are on the women leaders inner circle.

So, you can have a lot of interesting dialogues going on. Ask, ask question, critique. We want it. We love it.

So, here’s to you.

Have a blessed day, a marvelous week and let’s keep going and growing.

Thank you.

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Sylvia Lafair

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