Create Emotional Environment for Success at Work and at Home


Summary: Well, we are in it. It is the worst of times. It is the best of times. It’s all how you perceive what’s going on now. Here are some tips to help.

Dear Dr. Sylvia,

Indeed, I don’t want to make light of what’s happening on our planet now.

However, good is available when the conflict and tension are released.

New concepts can develop if we listen.

Therefore, I would like to consider creating an emotional climate to support people’s growth and development.

I will make this short.

What can I, as a leader, do to support the positives happening right now? Most people are moving past the pandemic, yet extreme weather is happening everywhere.

Ultimately, there’s no place to hide.

In other words, let’s stay positive in a challenging world.


Always an optimist

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Dear Always an Optimist,

I am so glad you can imagine the rainbow after the rain.

Sadly, too many are focused on the darkness and are not sure the light will return.

Let’s take a look at the potential rainbow around the corner.

One of the things I’ve looked at for years, and one of the things I’ve taught in all of my groups, is the power of a good belly laugh.

There is tons of research that a good laugh is good for your heart.

When you laugh out loud, it’s good for your mind.

It’s also suitable for the people around you.

Laughter is a positive infectious way of being.

So, did you know that children laugh? I don’t know, something like, let me see. I wrote this statistic 200 times a day while adults usually laugh, maybe 26 times, and these days, we’re not laughing at all. So, I’m going to tell you a joke right now and notice if you think it’s funny. Suppose it makes you laugh, how you feel after.

I say it, but it’s been going around the world. I’ve heard it from people in Australia and people in New Zealand, and people in Europe that we talk with.

Even with a pandemic, there is a time to laugh out loud.

Here’s how it goes: Some two men with masks on and gloves on a walk into a bank, and everybody starts screaming. Get away from them. It’s the virus! And they look around and go, “No, we’re here to rob you.”

Get it? Masks and gloves took on a new meaning these last few years.

The first time I heard that joke, I did have a good laugh. It relieved some of the tension, which happens when you laugh out loud.

When you laugh with people, you can create a positive environment.

Think of it this way, when you laugh with people, they laugh back, and you’re breathing together. So, my biggest suggestion, for now, is to find something with some humor. Pass it around.

Call somebody you know is lonely or feeling down with everything that’s going on.

Tell them a joke. Make it short or make it long. You choose.

However, there is a protocol for telling jokes.

Keep the other person in mind, so your joke is not offensive.

Please remember to ask for permission before you do.

Say, “I found something that I thought was funny or cute or clever or whatever, and I’d love to share it,” and if they’re in an intense dark place, they can’t hear anything. Let it go, but tell them a joke if they’re moving up into a place where they can gain a better perspective.

Let’s keep each other up. Help pull each other up. That’s what we need to do these days.

So, if you have a hilarious joke, please put it on social media. Put it on the inner circle if you’re part of that. Call someone. Tell them something. Make them laugh. Laugh so the worst of times are a memory.

Laughter is a universal healer. Just keep it from being mean-spirited.

We’re all in it together, and remember, no one will win unless we all do.

Let’s keep breathing deep, and exercise.

Here’s one quick joke “We need a 12-step program for compulsive talkers. They could call it “on anon anon.”

And furthermore, you know what? Let’s keep laughing.

Here’s to your success and to the end of this challenging time.


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Sylvia Lafair

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