Unleash the Power of Patterns: A Revolutionary Approach to Unleashing Collaboration

Unleash the power of patterns

Summary: This is a great time to learn and absorb new concepts about relationships at work. Now you can prepare for third and fourth-quarter success without excessive stress. Summer discounts are available.

Dear Dr. Sylvia,

My team and I are ready to tackle the relationship side of working together this summer.

Since it is already too hot to run in the sun, we may as well stay in our cool offices and learn something that is also cool!

Therefore, I am asking about your online leadership program.

Make a profitable living and live a rewarding life.

We all want to find ways to work together that are both fun and healthy.

Is it reasonable to do this program as a team or primarily just for individuals?

All in all, I want to give my leadership team all the advantages I can.

For instance, friends who have completed the program say it is a double win. That means it has a positive impact both at home and at work.

In conclusion, thank you for offering us the tools and tips to make teams at work function more effectively together.


Life Long learner

Dear LLL,

Imagine unlocking the secrets within the behavior patterns of super achievers, procrastinators, deniers, persecutors, and drama queens/kings. What if I told you their common thread is hidden in the invisible realm of long-term personality reactions?

In brief, what if I told you that with some emotional strength training, those patterns that get in the way of success could be transformed into ones that will make you shine and flourish?

Firstly, welcome to the world of becoming a Pattern Aware Leader™. Here you hold the key to breaking free from repetitive behaviors. Then you are no longer trapped in the cycles of “always” and “never.”

Two of the most ineffective words for healthy relationships are: “always” and “never.”

Are you like Christine? She lived in a world of “always” and “never, ” which took a toll on her. She complained that she “never” liked having a male boss and was glad she reported to me.

Then we had a reorg, and guess what? She reported to a very creative, caring male boss.

Her outdated “always and never” mindset trapped her.

Less than six months later, she moved on to a new organization.

Or, let me say, she thought she had moved on.

Same story, different setting!

She initially reported to a female boss. When this next company did a reorg, Christine reported to a male who was creative and caring.

How long do you think she lasted?

Yup, less than six months.

She stayed trapped in her “always and never” belief system.

In other words, don’t become like Christine.

What forms us is family, culture, and crises.

Our family, culture, and crises shape these patterns. They manifest themselves in every aspect of the workplace, either empowering or hindering performance and profitability.

Subsequently, as a leader, you can prevent these patterns from taking control. Cultivate a trusted environment and introduce the groundbreaking Pattern Aware Leadership Model™ to your team. It’s a transformative approach that can revolutionize your business world.

Take this captivating journey.

It has engaging narratives, music, film clips, and immersive experiences.

For example, you will discover how to foster an environment that minimizes negative patterns. Then you can harness their transformative potential to enhance creativity, performance, and profit.

All things considered, this program will leave an indelible mark on your leadership style, empowering you to drive change within yourself and others.

The Pattern Aware Leadership Model™ is the result of three decades of helping organizations find the way OUT of conflict and poor performance.

As has been noted from Thinkers 360, “By transforming conflict in companies, Dr. Sylvia Lafair and Herb Kaufman have helped make organizations flow smoother and work faster. They are the innovative minds behind Creative Energy Options, Inc. (CEO) – a renowned global consultancy specializing in leadership development.”

In the same vein, from 200 Global Thought Leaders for 2023, ” Dr. Lafair is a distinguished clinical psychologist with expertise working with Fortune 100 companies, family businesses, and start-ups. As an executive coach and leadership educator, she has penned numerous articles and authored four critically acclaimed books.”

Here is how I transformed into an Executive Coach and Transformational Team Leadership Coach:

“One evening years ago, we offered a program for parents whose teens were “driving them nuts!”

The room was packed.

At the end of the evening, a man waited patiently in line to talk with me.

I assumed it was about his youngster.

On the contrary, he said, “Will you come to work with my senior leadership team?”

I was caught by surprise.

“Why” was all I could muster.

“Because they are fighting.”

My initial response was, “So what?”.

And then he said, “Look, you help families get along better. My team has to get along better.”

I similarly worked with his team on my family systems process.

And my new career in the work world started.

Behaviors from your original organization, the family, appear in your present organization at work.

In this comprehensive online program, you will embark on a transformative journey, discovering:

  • How hidden patterns stemming from family, culture, and crises drain valuable business resources, ignite conflicts, and foster stagnant thinking.
  • Strategies to become a leader who uncovers, observes, and transforms emotional patterns. Then you leverage the strategic advantage that leads to a more resilient bottom line.
  • The vital importance of cultivating a “pattern-aware” environment and fostering trust-based relationships critical for retaining top talent.

In conclusion, join us on this extraordinary voyage. Here, you will unlock the potential of patterns and embark on a path toward unprecedented growth, innovation, and success. Become a Pattern Aware Leader™ and transform your business landscape forever.

Here’s to your success,

Sylvia Lafair

PS. Want to join the program or talk with a pattern breakthrough coach and get a summer discount? Contact us at 570-233-1042 or email sylvia@ceoptions.com.

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