The Power of Patterns: How to Unlock The Power and Potential for Growth and Development

Summary: How can you, as a leader, navigate through challenges and foster growth and development? How to let go of anxiety and burnout? The answer lies in understanding and harnessing the power of patterns.

Dear Dr. Sylvia,

I have been researching why so many of us repeat and repeat what we do, whether it works or not; It’s just that damn knee-jerk response that often continues to bring about negative results.

That is to say; I know your work’s core is patterns and pattern repetition.

Therefore, my question is: “Why is there so much power in pattern repetition?”

And a bigger question is: “How can we change patterns that get in the way of success?

For example, I grew up in a family where I was teased for being heavier than my sibs. I always blamed it on genetics and played the victim. It was NOT my fault; I was born that way and couldn’t help it.”

Victims, pleasers, and procrastinators were not born that way.

I see this at work all the time. The victims, pleasers, and procrastinators usually blame others and don’t know what else to do,

The problem is, I don’t know how to help them.

Can you suggest to me and my exec team how to change what is not working?

I believe from reading “Don’t Bring It To Work” and “Invisible Sress (It’s NOT What YOU Think!)” that learning to be, as you call it, Pattern Aware is a game changer for more success at home and work.

I would love a simple beginner’s process to teach my team as we learn more about taming and transforming negative patterns.


Pattern Pioneer,

Dear Pattern Pioneer,

Patterns, ah, yes, they are at the core of my life’s work. As you said, why do we all repeat patterns of behavior that make us sick and tired?

As an illustration, do you know Einstein’s famous statement?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over. And expecting different results.”

Indeed, patterns are all around us; think about spider webs, the rings around Saturn, and the shape of a pine cone.

Interestingly, patterns provide a sense of order in what might appear chaotic, especially regarding relationships.

Knowledgeable and trained leaders see patterns more quickly and can connect disparate things by staying open-minded.

Above all, leaders trained to observe, understand and transform personal and relational patterns that no longer serve them are in an enviable place.

In our work at Creative Energy Options Inc, the foundation of our programs and books is about transforming patterns that get in the way of productivity and success so you can make positive change happen.

Therefore, recognizing and transforming patterns is crucial for becoming an effective leader and leaving behind frustrations, whether you are a super achiever, procrastinator, denier, persecutor, or drama queen/king.

Repetitive behavioral patterns can either propel us forward or keep us trapped in a cycle of stagnation.

Our family dynamics, cultural backgrounds, and even our crises influence them.

Moreover, recognizing and leveraging positive patterns in the workplace can significantly impact performance and profit.

A leader must create an environment that minimizes unproductive patterns and maximizes transformative ones.

Most importantly, by embracing our innovative Pattern Aware Leadership Model™, you can revolutionize your business world and drive sustainable growth.

Through dynamic and engaging online webinars or a personal coaching experience incorporating real-life stories, multimedia content, and interactive exercises, you will learn to identify, shift, and optimize patterns for enhanced creativity, performance, and profitability.

The Pattern Aware Leadership Model™ is the result of three decades of transformative work by Dr. Sylvia Lafair and Herb Kaufman, esteemed co-founders of Creative Energy Options, Inc. (C.E.O.)—a globally recognized consulting and leadership development company.

Pattern Aware Leadership training is needed now more than ever.

All in all, through our online programs and personal executive coaching, you will gain insights into the following key areas:

  • Unveil the invisible patterns from family, culture, and crises that drain business resources, fuel conflicts, and limit innovative thinking.
  • Cultivate your leadership abilities to observe, understand, and transform personal patterns, gaining a strategic advantage and a more resilient bottom line.
  • Establish a “pattern-aware” environment that fosters trustworthy relationships and helps retain valuable employees.

In short, prepare to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and leadership enhancement. By embracing the power of patterns, you will unlock untapped potential, driving sustainable growth and development for yourself and your organization.

As has been noted, since you asked for a specific process to help transform patterns, here is one I would like to offer:

A popular and effective pattern transformation technique in N.L.P. is a “Swoosh” Pattern. 

This straightforward technique is used to rid the old unwanted behavior while steering your mind towards a more empowering alternative. 

In other words, you eliminate what you don’t want and bring in what you want.

Step 1. Identify the behavior you want to change. Make an internal representation of that behavior as you see it through your own eyes.

For example, If you want to exercise but hate going to the gym. See yourself sitting on the sofa with some comfort foods and saying, “I’ll go to the gym… tomorrow.”

Change your mind to release unwanted, ingrained thoughts and behavior.

Step 2. Once you have a clear picture of the behavior you want to change, you need to create a different representation, a picture of yourself as you would be if you made the desired change and what that change would mean to you.

Accordingly, you might picture yourself enthusiastic as you hop in the car to get to your favorite gym.

This is because you want to create an ideal internal representation that you will continue to be drawn to rather than one you already have.

Like the song says, “Let it Go” and change your perspective.

Step 3″ “Swoosh” the two pictures. Let the unresourceful experience automatically triggers the resourceful experience.

Once you hook up this triggering mechanism, anything used to trigger comfort rather than health will be diminished as you see health as your actual outcome. ,

Think of it this way; you’re creating a whole new way for your brain to deal with something that may have upset you in the past.

Here’s how to do the swoosh: Start by making a big bright picture of the behavior you want to change. (sitting on the couch). Then, in the bottom right-hand corner of that picture in your mind, please make a small dark picture of how you want it to be.

Now take that tiny picture, and in less than one second, have it grow in size and brightness and burst through the view of the behavior you no longer desire. As you do this process, say “he sou “d “whoosh” with all the excitement and enthusiasm you can.

Come on; you can do it. Come on; see yourself heading for the gym with vibrant enthusiasm and feeling strong in your body.

SWOOSH… you no longer want to stay a couch potato!

Saying “SWOOSH” excitedly sends powerful, positive signals to your brain. You’ve set up the pictures in your mind.

This whole change process should only take as long as it takes to say “SWOOSH.”

Now in front of you is a big, bright, focused, colorful picture of how you want to be. The old concept of how you were has been smashed to smithereens.

Similarly, the key to this pattern is speed and repetition.

You must see and feel that the small dark picture becomes vast and bright and explode through the big picture, destroying it and replacing it with an even more significant, more optimistic view of how you want things to be.

Now experience the great feeling of seeing things the way you want them.

YOU are in charge; no longer the victim of outdated, false beliefs.

Then open your eyes for a split second to break the state.

When you close your eyes again, do the “SWOOSH” again.

Start by seeing what you want to change as significant, and then have your small picture grow in size and brightness and explode through— SWOOSH! Pause to experience it.

Open your eyes. Close your eyes.

One more time, see what you want to change. See the original picture and how you want to change it. SWOOSH, it again.

Now, do this five or six times as fast as you can.

Remember, the key to this is speed: and to have fun doing it. You are telling your brain, “Do this, “Swoosh!” Do this “Swoosh!” sound again. Do this . . . until the old picture fades.

You can also make a SWOOSH RELEASE PATTERN with other fears and frustrations.

Remember, you are in charge; you are not the victim. You can create new neuronal pathways using this N.L.P. method.

In conclusion, make the pattern into a habit. Do this for a few weeks, and I bet you will have a better way of responding to annoying outdated behaviors.

Here’s to your success,

Sylvia Lafair

PS. Our coaches are trained in the P.A.L. Process (Pattern Aware Leadership) and are here to help. Contact us at and find the right coach to help you transform what no longer works for you.

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Sylvia Lafair

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