Unlocking Leadership Excellence: A Review of “Don’t Bring It To Work”

Summary: The way OUT of conflict and failed relationships at work begins with inner clarity. Phrases like emotional intelligence, high-performing team, and innovative leadership emphasize this book’s relevance in the fast-evolving business world.

Dear Dr Sylvia,

Many of my colleagues love your book, “Don’t Bring It To Work.” I am curious why they tell me you MUST look back before you look forward.

In this day and age, it is considered old-fashioned to waste time looking back.

Some say it creates a pitty party of blame and victimhood.

Hence, I would like to hear what you say about why your techniques, where you must look back before moving forward, including“Sankofa Mapping,” are needed for long-term success.

If pattern recognition and pattern breakthrough are vital for good leadership, explain why this area is essential.

Consequently, I grew up in a family that taught us to “fail fast and often. ” That was our way to success in school and on the sports field. I learned early in life that I wouldn’t say I like to waste time; thus, I’m ready to learn more positive methods for leadership now.


Life Long Learner

Dear L L L,

Early in my career, I realized that each person’s past still lives in their present work setting. I faced lots of resistance as an executive coach and leadership educator in those days.

However, it is a dozen years after my book was published. The truth of how the past impacts the present is still vital. I always use this information with my clients and the companies I consult.

Finally, as emotional intelligence is becoming foundational at work, my innovative methods are taking hold more positively.

I hope you will find the book inspirational to your leadership journey.

Don’t Bring It To Work is evergreen since it is always essential to all relationships.

Here is a synopsis: You can be a more astute leader by learning the unique methods in this book.

Think of it this way: In the dynamic landscape of modern leadership, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment means harnessing the power of emotionally intelligent leadership.

Accordingly, my book is a transformative guide. It empowers leaders to navigate workplace dynamics with finesse, empathy, and strategic wisdom.

The book transcends the conventional leadership literature by tackling the often-overlooked issue of unresolved family and early life dynamics infiltrating the workplace.

Interpersonal baggage stems from personal histories.

A quote from one of my clients who graduated from Total Leadership Connections said:

“With a warm yet authoritative tone, Lafair expertly addresses the challenges leaders face when managing a team while simultaneously handling interpersonal baggage that stems from personal histories.”

Kathi O’Neill, Managing Partner, Rice Cohen International, Sicklerville, NJ

In short, I offer practical strategies to unearth and address these underlying issues in the book. This paves the way for more cohesive, innovative, and high-performing teams.

You can’t help others unless you first learn about your triggers and defenses.

Leadership excellence is not merely defined by professional acumen but also by emotional intelligence. “Don’t Bring It To Work” emerges as a game-changing playbook.

In the same vein, exceptional insights resonate through every page. This compels leaders to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth.

One of the book’s standout strengths lies in its relatability.

My narrative is peppered with relatable anecdotes. This ensures that every leader, regardless of industry or experience, can reflect themselves in the pages.

Ultimately, this connection enhances the impact of the message. Leaders must recognize their responsibility to foster a healthy work environment that drives personal and professional success.

Self-awareness means shining a light on ingrained yet outdated ways of thinking.

Leaders are guided through exercises encouraging introspection and facilitating a deeper understanding of their triggers and tendencies. By addressing these internal challenges head-on, leaders can proactively manage conflicts, enhance team communication, and elevate the work environment.

Moreover, “Don’t Bring It To Work” positions leadership as an ongoing journey rather than a static destination.

Actionable strategies, such as the “7-Step Method and “Sankofa Mapping,” serve as a roadmap. This enables leaders to embrace continuous improvement and facilitate transformative change within their teams.

“Don’t Bring It To Work” is not just a book; it’s a movement.

One of my clients who heads leadership development at his organization said:

“Sylvia Lafair’s brilliance lies in her ability to blend psychological insights with actionable leadership strategies seamlessly.”

Kevin Perryman, Leadership Development, Paris Parker Salons, New Orleans, LA

The book’s essence urges leaders to step powerfully into their complex and challenging roles. Emotional intelligence, empathy, and a commitment to creating workplaces that inspire greatness are core to leadership success.

Are you a leader ready to harness your full potential and cultivate a thriving team? “Don’t Bring It To Work” deserves a top spot on your reading list.

To your success,

Sylvia Lafair

PS. I have a team of Pattern Breakthrough Coaches who can help you find the way OUT of unnecessary conflict. You learn to Observe, Understand, and Transform outdated patterns for present-day success. Contact us now.

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