Celebrating Success: The Empowerment of Women Tooting Their Own Horns

Summary: The world is increasingly recognizing the achievements of women in various fields. Thus, there is a growing need for women to take charge of their stories and proudly share their successes.

Dear All,

Today, I am celebrating my achievements as an executive and leadership coach.

Once again, I have been named on the Top 30 Global Leadership Coaches list for 2024.

I usually refrain from “tooting my own horn” and let others acknowledge the quality of my work.

The importance of humility is well understood. Yet there is an equally crucial need for women to “toot their own horns. ” That means to speak openly about the awards and recognition they have earned.

Here, I will explore why women must celebrate their accomplishments and shed light on their reluctance to do so.

I will also highlight the importance of acknowledging achievements and breaking down barriers. Then, we can all speak out and be heard without feeling “inappropriate or crass!”

Women can speak up without being seen as arrogant.

My story has a fun beginning with recognition as one of the “Top 30 Global Leadership Coaches.”

Thirteen years ago, I sat at my computer, waiting for my daughter to join me for lunch.
Rather than work on a project, I decided to see what was new and exciting in leadership.
I clicked on The Top 30 Global Leadership Coaches to see who made a difference.
I saw many familiar names, including John Maxwell and Marshall Goldsmith.
As I scrolled, I found myself becoming a bit annoyed. The top twelve or so were all men.
I thought, “Where are the women?”
I scrolled a few more and said, “I need to write my next INC article about inclusion and women’s roles in the leadership/coaching world.
THEN, incredulously, as I continued to look at the list, I saw a familiar face.
There I was, smiling back at me! I was right there, just below Jack Welsh.
Of course, I was honored and delighted.
And to my continued delight, I have been on the Top 30 Global Leadership list ever since.

I hope you can draw inspiration from my story. Here, I broaden the message for all of you women who want to make a difference.

The Power of Recognition

Acknowledging one’s accomplishments isn’t just about self-promotion; it is a powerful tool for empowerment.

When women openly discuss their achievements, it boosts their self-esteem and inspires others. The visibility of successful women challenges societal norms, dismantles stereotypes, and encourages a culture of support and mentorship.

By sharing stories, women can pave the way for others and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse professional landscape.

The Reluctance to Toot Our Own Horns

Despite the increasing awareness of gender equality and the rise of successful women in various fields, there persists a hesitancy among many to speak openly about their achievements.

This reluctance can be attributed to societal expectations, fear of judgment, or innate cultural norms. All of which discourage women from embracing their successes.

Breaking through this reluctance is crucial for fostering a culture where women feel empowered to claim their space and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about gender equality.

Overcoming Societal Expectations

Societal expectations often dictate that women should be modest and humble, and talking about personal accomplishments might be perceived as boasting.

That is the world in which I grew up. When my daughters were young, and I praised them in front of my mother, she would say a variation of “Stop that! You don’t want them to have “swelled heads.”

Yup, that’s how it was back when women played second fiddle!

However, it is vital to challenge these norms and recognize that sharing achievements is not about arrogance but about highlighting competence, dedication, and hard work.

Tooting one’s own horn becomes a form of advocacy for recognizing women’s contributions and promoting a more equal and diverse representation in all fields.

Celebrating 13 Years of Leadership Excellence

By consistently showcasing your achievements, you not only challenge gender stereotypes but also inspire countless others to strive for greatness.

In conclusion, tooting one’s own horn is not just an act of self-promotion; it is a decisive step toward creating a more fair and inclusive society.

Women like you, who proudly share your achievements, play a vital role in breaking down societal barriers and encouraging others to do the same.

As we celebrate the success of women, let us also encourage and uplift one another. Let us foster a culture where every woman feels empowered to share her story and add to the ongoing narrative of female excellence.

To your success,

Sylvia Lafair

PS. My award-winning book, GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change, is a great way to begin the journey to being your best self at work and home. Better yet, we can hand some of the techniques and tools in the book to the next generation of women, making a difference.

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