Handle Stress Under Pressure

Summary: Here are some ways to move distress to eustress, the helpful stress to keep you healthy.

Fortunately, I have a few tips about handling stress. I’ve become a stress-reduction researcher, and there is much to learn.

Further, I decided to focus on stress and stress reduction in these trying times. It seems that every call I get, the emails I receive, and even a simple text has something about stress.

For example, it’s not just the garden variety of stress. It’s about overwhelming, self-destructive stress.

Everyone wants tips on how to handle stress. Yet, many are angry and hate feeling like pressure is holding them captive.

However, they don’t want to do personal work to become more self-aware. The desire is for what is fast and easy.

Let me stop commenting here and ask this question. The answer is a predictor of how you handle stress.

The question to answer is how you view stressful situations.

Here’s the question, “Are you in distress, or are you in stress?”

Firstly, think about your answer for a minute before you continue to read.

Hopefully, most want some challenge, some problem to solve, something unknown and scary. It keeps life, as many say, “interesting.”

Here is some good news about eustress. Here is the exact definition of eustress. Moderate or everyday psychological stress is considered beneficial to the present experience.

That is to say, when you are to speak in front of a large group, even when you speak to a small group. Or, perhaps you are on a team and ready to hit the winning homerun (or hope you will).

First reactions to the word stress need a reboot from bad to okay.

That does sound like the stress needed to go sky diving or speak at a national convention. Eustress is a friend, helping you stay sharp and energetic.

Sounds good to me.

My colleagues and I developed the idea of learning to “practice safe stress” and live in the “safe stress zone.

In the safe stress zone, you move out of the extremes of yelling and screaming to the other extreme of hiding under the covers or ignoring the upset. There is honesty and openness in the safe stress zone to listen and respond effectively.

The safe stress zone keeps you feeling positive and confident.

The safe stress zone gives a feeling of success like a runner’s high.

Above all, we will work to show you the route to the safe stress zone. Think about when you run ( or even want to run) and the feeling when you get in the zone. There is a sense of freedom,, and your actions become effortless.

Imagine this. It’s the same thing with stress. You handle conflicts with ease and come up with unique ideas to remove problems. All you need to do is take some time to practice.

Therefore, I’m getting as many tools and techniques as possible to help you master stress.

The Pomodoro Method is a guaranteed reducer of stress.

Subsequently, meet The Pomodoro Method. Francesco Cirillo developed it in the late 1980s. And he must love pasta and pasta sauce because there’s even a clock he’s developed that looks like a tomato.

You can use his timer or your phone or an old clock. Use whatever you can.

You set the timer. First, you work for 25 minutes. Yes, only 25 minutes. So then you take a break. Decide between a five-minute break or a 10-minute break.

After that, you come back and work for 25 minutes. Then, you take another short break. Do this throughout your work time.

Most importantly, by taking short breaks, your mind can stay clear. As a result, you can use the computer, phone, or text and be more confident in how y8ou research and respond.

Clarity develops confidence for you to limit unnecessary stress.

Let’s celebrate stress. It keeps us standing up, or else we flop on the floor, and we can’t even walk around. That is to say, it’s not “you stress,” it’s much more.

In other words, it’s EUSTRESS. It’s good stress, okay? Use the Pomodoro method. Look it up. It’s P-om-o-do-ro, and I’m sure you can order get one of the cute little tomato clocks,

Similarly, I have one more de-stressor for you., It’s a reminder for me too.

Drink to relieve stress. Yes, drink lots of water each day.

In addition, here is some research from the University of East London. It indicates that water is the original athletic drink. They checked with many Olympians. And yes, they drink a lot of water, a super amount of water.

Moreover, the study showed that once thirst is relieved, the brain can focus on the task. Therefore, if you’re not conscious or thirsty, please take a good swig, or two, or three, or four. You can coordinate this with your work break using the Pomodoro times.

In conclusion, those are my tips for today.

Likewise, please take this opportunity to take the stress quiz and then watch my masterclass on limiting stress. For instance, once you learn to stay in that safe stress zone, you continue moving through your day. You no longer worry about the conflict that can destroy relationships. You will not be upset with yourself for either shouting out your upset or running away from a situation.

This is the time to tackle overwhelm and become a stress master.

To sum up, have a productive day! We’re here for you and our coaches are ready to talk if you like. contact me. I’m here for you too.

In short, we’re all in this together, and remember, no one wins unless we all do.

Here’s to your success.


PS Please enjoy a complimentary copy of “Invisible Stress ) It’s NOT What YOU Think!) Just click on this link.

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