Does It Take Courage to Change? Absolutely!

A colorful lion

Summary: Today, I tell a true story about one man’s quest to find his most profound truth and what it means to be vulnerable at work. Equally important is what this meant to his team. Here is how it started. HR called The SVP of marketing of a flourishing organization for a meeting. There were…

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Emotional Flexibility in This Time of Constant Change 

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Summary: The more adept you are in being emotionally flexible, the more adaptable you can be in your leadership role.  Dear Dr. Sylvia,  This one is personal. I had a very difficult situation occur with my stepdaughter and she wants to break all ties with me.  I know from reading your books that you suggest…

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The Courage to Change: Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement

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Summary: Diversity and inclusion are now the norms rather than the exceptions. The big question is: “What can be done to heal the chasm of discontent that exists in most workplaces, in fact, around the world, regarding differences? Here are thoughts to ponder. We need a new way to approach diversity and inclusion. “What’s the…

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Gutsy or Bold, Are You Ready to Take a Step Forward?

Three women posing and smiling for the camera

What does it take to make the leap? Whether you’re gutsy or bold, are you ready to take a step forward? I was reflecting on the physical or emotional cost when you take a GUTSY or BOLD step out of the old ‘this is the way it is meant to be’ mentality. I was thinking…

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Here’s why Taylor Swift is the perfect icon of a GUTSY WOMEN LEADER

Images of famous pop singers, including Taylor Swift and Beyoncé

Summary: My book, “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change,” emphasizes the importance of authenticity, resilience, adaptability, and vulnerability. Here’s how Taylor Swift includes these teachings and connects with the principles outlined in the book. Dear Dr. Sylvia, My city, Los Angeles, has been a hub of Taylor Swift performances. Firstly, I know she is a…

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Why Psychological Safety Is Cost-Effective at Work

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Summary: Most twenty-first-century workplaces are rife with negativity, tension, and conflict, with enormous costs ranging from decreased productivity to lawsuits. Here are some ideas on developing psychological safety and making positive cultural changes. Dear Dr. Sylvia, The complaining at work about too little time and too much to do is getting old. I have team…

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