What happens when you put yourself first?

Summary: We are in a new era of redefining what matters. For example, it’s time to discuss the meaning of self-awareness and the definition of well-being. Here are ways to be the success you want to be.

putting yourself first
Silhouette man holding up a gold trophy cup as a winner in a competition

How important is it to be the best?

Competition is fun. Right?

That is to say; it pushes you to go past what you think is possible.

As a result, the adrenaline rush that comes from running faster, talking smarter, doing better feels good. Right?

However, what happens when the applause ends? How do you feel two days after getting a trophy? What’s it like to check all the newsfeeds worried about who is even better?

For example, does anyone remember the bumper sticker meant for becoming the best, “He who has the most toys wins”?

The pressure to be the super achiever is everywhere.

Guess what, you will never have the most toys (remember that Jeff Bezos).

Think about what happens when the top position at work goes to someone else?

Further, what happens when you slide way down on the leader’s scale on social media?

In addition, what if your book does not make any list of best-selling books?

Do you work even harder to find a way to be a top dog, cat, or Goat?

Will there always be someone who will be better than you?

To clarify, times change. You get older (sorry, you can’t prevent this). There are newer scientific methods to get the young and the restless, ahem, to best you.

Would you applaud them or find a place to hide your head and ignore the data?

What happens when you fall from the top of the food chain?

Moreover, I suggest you take the roller coaster of competition seriously. It’s time to become self-aware so you can lead a life of grace and dignity.

As a result, you must start to listen to your inner clock. It’s time to stop listening to the other clock. You know, the one counting the minutes or seconds that mean win or lose in the race. Or counting the likes on Instagram that mean the difference between coming in first or lagging.

What happens when you put yourself first?

However, in this present era, people constantly puff up their achievements. Therefore, there is an ongoing competition to be THE BEST.

As a result, good things can happen when you decide to strive for your own personal excellence. I promise you will feel better than having to be “the one”?

In other words, are there people who consider you selfish, or even worse, as a narcissist?

In the same vein, how healthy are lots of bragging and the need to be better than everyone else?

Even more to the point, how possible is it to really become and stay in THE BEST spot?

Here is the well-being definition: state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy.

Is that you? Do you want that to be your definition of well-being?

What happens when you put yourself last?

On the other hand, do you constantly put yourself at the end of the line? Does that make you a good, caring person or a whining martyr?

In times past…it was the protocol to be humble, smile, and not take much credit.

That was polite and proper.

For instance, what happened when a child proudly said they did a great job painting a picture? Perhaps they skated down the street without falling. Or someone shushed them from bragging about having baked chocolate chip cookies to die for.

For example, parents, teachers, coaches told them to stop patting themselves on the back and being self-serving.

Did you grow up in that era?

Or did you grow up when everyone got a trophy, no matter what?

Above all, neither way really works.

Certainly, these ways do not bring you to that important area of self-awareness.

Heading in the right direction.

Here is what one of my coaching clients, a top salesperson in a large corporation, wrote to me recently.

Dear Sylvia,

I took a nosedive for a few weeks, feeling frustrated and depressed. I’m just about over that
ugly time and thought you would appreciate where I am now.

As you know, I have always been the top salesperson in my company. Lately, a few young titans are working 24-7 to take the title away from me.

Moreover, I learned from the coaching with you to look at life in a more balanced way.

In addition, I really got that work-life balance is a big myth.

That is to say, you can’t cut your daily life into perfect pieces, like an apple pie.

The myth of work-life balance and how to handle it.

Here is where I am now, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Above all, I finally decided I will let these younger people become the top sales gurus. Not only will I make room for them, but I’ll also help them.

However, I must admit, it took me a bit of time to look at my own ego needs. As a result, I could let go of the B.S. of having to be THE BEST.

Above all, you have told me a super-achiever who transforms the need to be well; super best can transform into a creative collaborator.

Always having to be The BEST clashes with well-being

Moreover, I know, I know, you keep hammering home that striving to be THE BEST is just
plain stupid. Further, it’s impossible and can lead to exhaustion and overwhelm.

And thank you for constantly helping me focus on self-awareness and well- being top priorities.

So now, I can put myself first by ensuring I have all the physical, mental, and emotional nourishment I
need to support me.

Let’s teach well -being in school and in the workplace.

In conclusion, I also have the delight of knowing I am really good at my job. In addition, I can now be
of help to the younger ones and still have a great career and good financial returns.

Thanks for your help to become self-aware,


Happy and Healthy

The super-achiever transforms into the creative collaborator.

Dear Happy and Healthy,

Most importantly, so many who have been THE BEST now make way for others. This shows how strong they are on an internal level.

To sum up, it is a testament to their ability to observe, understand, transform behavior and become more self-aware.

The definition of self-awareness: the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

Becoming the best transforms to striving for excellence.

In short, being THE BEST is taking on a whole new meaning that I want to share here. It means not competing
with others to win at all costs. It means being strong enough being to handle life’s challenges with dignity.

And I’m glad you now have the tools of excellence to help people get out of the trap. The trap is our cultural obsession with needing to be THE BEST. It’s time to go past old ways of thinking.

In conclusion, glad that you, Happy and Healthy, are determined to find more positive and productive ways to live life. Going for success is an interactive sport. It is more fun and more rewarding.

Here’s to your success,


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Sylvia Lafair

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