They Are ALL Our Children

Years ago I was in Brazil for a conference. It was wonderful looking up at the “Christo Redentor” that is so much a part of Rio. It was fun sun bathing and walking along the famous Ipanema beach.

I also had an opportunity to go inland to some of the mines where the crystals are in vast supply. I lugged back a large amethyst crystal that sits in my office as I write this.

Along with the fun and excitement of Brazil was the dismay of the street children. It was overwhelming and I wanted, as many do when they see this type of misery, I wanted to take them all home with me. I wanted to start a charity. I wanted to open a school.

And I came home and did nothing.

And yet I can feel the sadness returning and my frustration seething as I look at the fact that now, right now, in this land of so much wealth that 2.5 million children were designated as homeless this year.

Here. Right here.

How can this be? How can we let this happen? Why is there not outrage?

This time I must do something.

It is not enough for me to find a charity and donate money. It is about caring action.

I do not claim to have answers except one. I believe that when children are brought into this world they need loving parents to cherish and hold them close.

It begins with helping the parents.

With my background as a family therapist for many years I want to offer some aid and comfort for the parents who want to be with their children and need some support.

I am putting the word out to others in the helping professions. Let’s donate from our hearts and create some programs to help change the downward spiral that homelessness causes.

I will do something. Yet, I cannot do it alone. Please email me and let’s see what we can do together. I have a method based on what I call SANKOFA coaching that may help. I will start the process of creating the program and hope I will hear from you.

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Sylvia Lafair

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