How To Help A Toxic Boss Become A Positive Leader

Toxic boss

It is a basic fact that water rolls downhill. “So what” you say.

Well, that is an obvious truth. So is the fact that toxic leaders can cause their employees to act badly. However, there is another part to this equation. While people are blaming their bosses for blaming and shaming the same is true of employees who return the blame and point to the boss.

This is a pattern of victimization and bullying that lies deeper than just the way one or two individuals behave. This is a pattern of lack of accountability and everyone then plays “The Gotcha Game.”

Where does it stop? How about with YOU.

You can say out loud to anyone in earshot “I am no longer willing to play gotcha. I am no longer willing to judge, blame and attack just because that is the way of this workplace.

Here is how change can really happen. If one or two people stand tall and say “No more!” it has a medicinal effect on those who are listening. You can set a positive standard for how to respond to each other and when someone comes to put down a co-worker or your boss, simply say “Not playing” and walk away. Don’t defend, explain or justify, just say NO.

This will help everyone see a new way. In any system if one part of the system changes, it impacts the whole system.

If the boss complains you can ask a very important question which is “What do you want me to do with this information about John, or Jean or Jerry?”

Then the key is to be silent and wait for an answer. This is how you can help your toxic boss become a positive leader.

Go ahead, take a chance and stand for what is right. This approach will serve everyone on your team, everyone in your company and make a difference for all.

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Sylvia Lafair

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