Happy Holidays, Happy YOU

I just came home from shopping for the last minute gifts for my family. Was it fun? Well, some of it was and some of it was rather annoying.

I took time to observe my reactions to the good moments and the sour ones. Then I found some research that aligned with my feelings and I decided to share this now, while we are still in the throes of holiday fever. At least till after the New Year’s bells ring out at midnight on December 31.

Listen to what I learned and then pay attention to how you respond in the next week.

The research from The British Medical Journal indicates that people who celebrate at this time of year have increased oxygen flow to five parts of the brain. Celebrating whatever you call your special holiday is the good part. Just sharing with family and friends with no more of an agenda than being together is powerful.

In the research they had individuals look at yuletide images, could be Frosty the snowman, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jolly old Saint Nick, photos of candles and evergreen trees. You name it, it works to evoke feelings of joy and nostalgia.

It brought up a memory for me that always makes me laugh.

We were working with a company in the U.K. that fulfills tons of orders between Christmas and New Year. They make upscale appetizers that go to boutique hotels for parties. I bet you can guess what is next.

They even have to work overtime during the week when everyone else is partying. We were working with the leadership who had to get the line staff to be there for the long haul. In past years there were lots of employees who called in sick and the stress and anger was high.

We were asked to help the leadership find a solution.

The employees were the ones who came up with the answer, and I might add it was brilliant.

There was a contest to find the perfect graphic to put up everywhere in the company to help them stay focused and not give into the stress and frustration because they had to work during holiday time.

They were told that the winner of the graphic contest would get an extra bonus and the whole team would have extra time off in January.

Santa on a surfboard won.

That fun picture of Santa, beard flying in the wind, multi-colored bathing trunks and handling the huge wave he was riding like it was his sleigh was everywhere in this company. Just the sight of this happy Santa kept the troops at work smiling and cooperating. It kept people motivated to work together and keep a positive attitude.

When the year was over absences were at the lowest in 10 years and sales were the highest.

Just a suggestion: find some feelings of joy and even if they are in short supply, find some happy nostalgic memories. Wish everyone you meet a happy holiday. You will feel better and be healthier.

And, when you have a down moment please remember how Santa on a surf board helped a whole company kick butt with huge bonuses for all.

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Sylvia Lafair

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