How to harness the drama queen and turn it into story telling

One of the main behavior patterns that is showing up strong these days is the Drama King/Queen.

So many people have emailed me, just this week, asking how to harness the excess noise that comes with drama people at work and home. And the most frustrated are those who see how social media can become a disturbing force and make the drama even more intense.

First, I’d like to disclose that this pattern is one I know all too well. I know how to have Academy Award hissy fits when I don’t get my way. Actually, I USED to have noisy, disruptive blow-outs on a regular basis until….

That’s what I want to discuss. For each of the patterns, 13 in all, that I believe are the key ones that show up in every workplace as well as in every family. There’s really good news that with a bit of strength training they can be transformed to their healthy and positive opposite. You want to find your primary pattern?

Take the quiz. Better yet, take the quiz >>HERE<< and then contact us.

The Drama King/Queen was often pushed to the side as a kid. There may have been other siblings that got more attention (my brother in my case) and the main way to be heard and seen was to create a fuss, a loud fuss.

It usually works (it did for me) and I became an expert at getting my way, just to “shut me up.” This lasted into adulthood until I started to get feedback that I was “acting lik a child.” (more like acting like an ass).

Here’s what I found and those of you out there with the drama-thing, pay attention. I learned to transform my bragging, sobbing, demanding, and annoying behavior into being a really good storyteller.

That way, I can still get attention, in a positive way. I’ve learned to tell stories that have meaning and yet, still let me be front and center and keep the adrenaline rushing through my system.

I promise, when you harness the drama and turn it into story telling everyone you know at work and at home will hear you better and love you more.

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Sylvia Lafair

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