How to See Your Emotional Blind Spots

Want to be able to see what you can’t see?

Yes, that sentence makes sense….sort of.

It’s like a magic trick. You know, you see it then you don’t.

There is a part of your eyes that had no image detection. For the most part, human eyes report to the brain with an accurate picture. What you see is what’s out there.


Each human eye has a blind spot and the brain works at filling in what is there by looking at the surrounding areas.

Emotional Blind Spots

When it comes to emotions, we have blind spots too.

They often developed when we were children. After all, we learned about life, what is safe, and what is not safe back then. We tend to deny what is not in our best interests and, like a magic trick, we see it and then we don’t.

We want magic to take over.

You know, a miracle will make everything better. So, we stop looking at the problem and wait for our fairy godmother to sprinkle some magic over us and voila la, no more problems.

Until nothing changes and we begin to point fingers and blame him, her, or them.

When you ignore feelings and block experiences because they were unpleasant or confusing, they become a blind spot.

You become a “not see” (say that fast and shudder).

What can you do about these invisible places where you get stuck in the mud?

Weaknesses and Strengths Are Connected

I say, leverage your strengths AND challenge your weaknesses.

Much of the literature about leadership development requests that you play to your strengths. However, only playing to strengths can be the cause of much unnecessary trouble in life.

If your past success becomes your only approach to solving problems and if you insist on replicating your success over and over (often using the exact same words and mannerisms) in new situations you will eventually lose.

It’s guaranteed.

Think about it this way. Just being big, being very, very big was not enough to keep the dinosaurs alive.

Working with your weaknesses as well as your strengths is called adaptability. And this is one of the ways to get past your blind spots.

Blind spots be gone!

Leverage your strengths AND your weaknesses.

The Game of Tennis and The Game of Life

Think about Serena Williams for a moment.

Is her toss, serve, forehand, or backhand the strongest? Whether you play tennis or not, learn from a master of the court.

If she only perfected what she was best at, what she was most comfortable with, would she have become such a formidable tennis star? Perhaps she would have been good, really, really, good, but maybe not great.

Those I know who are excellent at tennis (not me) often say the backhand is the most challenging. However, many games, in tennis and in life, are lost because while strengths are leveraged, weaknesses stay just that, weaknesses.

And on the emotional side, it is more than just taking a stand for what you believe, more than just hitting the problems with a harder force, that comes into play.

Think about Serina again, she learned to master all the ways to hit that ball and she also became a master at both attitude and intimidation.

She saw ALL sides of the game, physical, mental, and emotional.

Learn from those who play the game of life the best. Master the tough areas that need to be strengthened and ask for help to see those blind spots that get in the way.

My Pattern Breakthrough Coaches and I can help you see what is invisible, the blind spots, that cause overwhelm or self-doubt.

No need for burnout or anxiety because you cannot see clearly what your next steps could be. Contact me at or call 570-233-1042 for a strategy session.

Keep going and keep growing.

Sylvia Lafair