Can Men Support Women At Work

Men support women

I have found LinkedIn to be a magical place to connect with some of the smartest and most pioneering individuals on the planet.

Recently Ed Gurowitz, Senior Consultant at Gender Allies contacted me after seeing some of my blogs about GUTSY WOMEN LEADERS.

He sent me an important post about how to create gender relationships at work. I want to thank him for reaching out and here is some of his great advice.

8 Steps to Co-creating Gender Partnership at Work

  • Bring men together
  • Help men “get” that gender bias still exists
  • Have honest conversations about the impact of gender
  • Engage men’s sense of fair play
  • Encourage men in behaviors that are linked to awareness of gender bias
  • Encourage men to champion and be architects of win/win outcomes
  • Engage men’s innate desire to take action
  • Attach accountability to actions to support productive business outcomes

These are great action items and each one is worth discussion. The same 8 apply to women who can discuss and connect with the men in their workplace.

My idea is that as women become more daring to speak out and lead, men can become more caring to be available for emotional reactions to situations. I see this new paradigm as:

Daring + Caring = Sharing

It is what the world needs now. Check out Ed’s work at Gender Allies. Women need all the help possible, and guess what, so do the men.

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Sylvia Lafair

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