Time for a Change?

Time for a change? Not quite ready?  Does life feel confining?  Spinning your wheels? 

That’s what I’m hearing from so many clients these days. Complaints range from climate change to politics, to getting ready for the holidays. Everyone seems just a bit more on edge than only a few months ago when the longer days of summer made life feel easier. 

These times of higher stress are here to push all of us out of the summer comfort zone to start moving in new directions.  

Old behavior is confining. Thus, we are given a great opportunity to make changes, even if we initially resist. 

Sometimes it happens when a job offer backfires, or when a manuscript is rejected. Sometimes, it’s because of a health scare, or a fire or ……. (fill in your worst nightmare). 

Change can be frightening. Or change can be energizing.  

Let a lobster be your guide for making a change in a positive manner. Yes, a lobster. You see, you and a lobster are similar. “How” you ask?  You both make vital changes throughout the life cycle. 

When you are in a time and place that needs change, needs expansion, be like a lobster and molt! 

When life gets too tight, the lobster goes to a quiet place and sheds its shell. This is called ecdysis, for those who love scientific terms. The overall term for this shedding is called molting. 

Think of the hard shell of the lobster and then see that your hard shell is the environment you live in along with all the old, ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving that make up your mindset. 

Times have changed and you want to change with them. You need and want to release old patterns and habits that don’t work for you anymore.  

This is where learning from the lobster is critical.  

When change is in the air you become vulnerable. It’s best to find a safe, quiet place. Then give yourself the room to heal from the old and make room for the new. 

More about the lobster. 

When the new shell is in place, the lobster once again, is strong and can do whatever it is lobsters do. 

Now about you. 

When you break free from old patterns and cast off your old shell, you will begin to find new meaning in your life. This is the time to get a coach, go to a seminar, talk with a friend. It’s time to go slow to get strong. Then, like the lobster you can do whatever you want to do. 

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Sylvia Lafair

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