How to get yourself out of overwhelm

How to get yourself out of overwhelm seems to be a recurring theme right now

One of my clients put it this way “I came home from work and kicked the dog.”  

Then, at least 7 other clients texted me this week with concerns that were variations on the ‘kick the dog’ theme.  They were all about the conundrum (what a funny word), the confusing and difficult problem that seems to be number 1 right now. 

Here’s what Jen wrote, “Hey Sylvia, I had a rotten day at work. Nothing seemed to jell. My report was shot down by my boss, my favorite co-worker is out for 6 weeks with a broken leg from a crazy accident, and I had to cancel a business trip to my favorite city (I was going to stay for an extra day and just wander around Paris). Then I got home, and the dog peed on the new carpet, my kid has a test end of the week and he has no idea what the teacher is talking about, and my husband is out of town all week.  

I must say, I was rather nasty and yelled at my kid, the dog, and my husband all within about 10 minutes.  

The big question is: why don’t problems stay in their own little boxes? 

The ones from work seem to bleed into family time and the annoyances from family seem to spill out at work.

I can’t compartmentalize!!!!! 

Is this a woman thing? Or does it happen to men too? 

So, help, please.” 

The other 6 texts were from both men and women. So, yes, both males and females are having a hard time getting out of the overwhelm of too much to do, not doing it right, and getting angry at everyone at once. 

Can this problem be solved? 


While disappointment and frustration won’t go away (so sorry about that), what can be done is to get yourself out of the overwhelm and find your own personal way of not letting your emotions get the best of you. 

Let’s start with 3 questions: 

  • Are you aware of what pushes your buttons at work? At home? 
  • Can you recover quickly when you get triggered, upset, or stressed? 
  • Have you done personal work to stop the mad or sad feelings from spilling over? 

My point to all my clients, from Corporate CEO’s to Entrepreneurs is this: Your upsets will bleed from family to work and vice versa, unless and until you put the flashlight on YOU, and figure out how to express what you are feeling in ways that don’t disrupt or destroy relationships. 

If you, like so many these days, are emotionally exhausted and are getting ready to ‘kick the dog’ it’s time to do something in real-time. 

If you are failing to meet deadlines, feel hopeless or helpless, have decreased motivation, feel stuck and trapped then make a move in a new direction.  

Help is here.  

I suggest you do a pattern breakthrough strategy call (its free) to get some clear direction CLICK HERE to schedule yours. 

Think of it this way. If you don’t do something now, you will come home from work, day after day and kick the dog.  You will never know how to get yourself out of overwhelm. It will become a habit for emotional release. The habit becomes a pattern. Then if the dog is not there whoever is closest will get the brunt of your upset. 

Not good. 

Yet, if you fix the problem of how to get yourself out of overwhelm and you handle getting triggered, you will oversee what happens next.  You’ll be in charge, not at the mercy of your emotions. 

Don’t let the months and years go by without finding a new way out of upset and not knowing how to get yourself out of overwhelm.  

You don’t want to look back with regret. Do you? Book your pattern breakthrough call.

Sylvia Lafair

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