Conflict Competence: The Answer to Your Stress

Stressed out? Conflict competence is the solution. Read on to learn more…

Dear Dr Sylvia,  

I have a question and I need more than just an answer. 

I need a solution. 

I need an action plan. 

If you can do that, I will follow you forever. 

If not, I will delete you and look elsewhere. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Here’s the question. 

QUESTIONIs there a common denominator for why most of us are so stressed out much of our lives? 

I’m waiting for your answer. 


SO (aka stressed out) 

Dear SO, 

I’ll cut to the chase.  


That’s it. It’s either internal or external. ‘Nuff said. 

You asked for a solution. Here it is. 

SOLUTION: There are two main routes to conflict competence that always exists underneath the stress, under the situations and people that trigger you to either shout it out or stuff it down, to make you feel a sense of overwhelm, self– doubt, burnout, physical discomfort, mental frustration, emotional angst, and fractured relationships. 

You MUST become conflict competent. 

Here are the two best ways to lead you from being stressed out to being serene. 

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CONCLUSION: Ask yourself this: How do you juggle all the demands on the home front as well as at work so everyone is happy, and nothing crashes and burns? 

You MUST learn the way OUT of unnecessary conflict and excessive stress by observing, understanding, and then transforming the patterns making you repeat  behaviors that don’t and won’t work anymore. 

You know, those knee jerk reactions that kick in before you have a chance to even decide if it’s the best way or not, responses that are no longer successful and make you smack the side of your head saying, “Why’d I do THAT again?”  

ACTION: My new Stress Busters on– line program is a combination of education and entertainment along with opportunities for coaching to go from being conflict AVOIDANT to conflict COMPETENT and getting your stress handled once and forever. 

Hope this helps. 

Here’s to your success, 


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Sylvia Lafair