Leadership: What’s Your FQ (Freedom Quotient)?

Freedom Quotient

Are your leadership skills enough to keep you feeling free in your life?

The importance of celebrating independence day got me thinking.

For example, the red, white, and blue flag, and the POW of celebratory fireworks brought to mind Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Hamilton.

Above all, I wondered, is it possible to truly feel free when you are in a leadership position?

After all, there are so many demands put on you and people look to you for answers.

Further, is there at least one book or film that talks about freedom and leadership?

So, I went into research mode. I came up with a winner in the leaders and freedom category.

Firstly, I want to introduce you to Victor Frankl. He was an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, author, and holocaust survivor. He wrote Man’s Search for Meaning. It is a guide to freedom, no matter what the circumstances.

Furthermore, the book chronicles his experiences when held prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War ll. It belongs to a list of “the ten most influential books in the United States. ” And has sold over 16 million copies.

Here is what Dr. Frankl wants us to remember:

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response

In our responses lies our growth and our freedom

How do you choose to respond wisely?

Above all, you as a leader, manager, or employee, are accountable for the choices you make. If you choose wisely, you will find freedom.

Most importantly, when is the last time you did a check-in about your freedom quotient?

Like your IQ and your EQ, your FQ is vital for your health and well-being. It has been a life-changer for many.

Therefore, on Independence Day, you have a great time to stop, spend a half-hour, and ask yourself some questions.

For example, find out how to make personal and professional changes that can withstand the test of time.

Moreover, this is a perfect time to check your FQ.

Further, please answer the following questions.

What happens when your inner critic calls you stupid?

That is to say, what happens when that voice in your head takes over? When it says in disgust and judgment, “Who do you think you are, offering your advice? You don’t have the skills for what you are doing.”

In the same vein, yes, we’ve all been there.  So, what is your leadership style when self-doubt shows up?

(a)Do you tell that noisy, bossy voice to ‘zip it?’

(b)Do you apologize to the world and stay quiet?

(c) Do you search for other opportunities to learn more to become your best?

What do you do when your comments are challenged?

In addition, what do you do when a colleague wants to prove you are wrong about your comments?

(a)Do you smile, shrug and respond with “Thanks for the feedback” and ignore what they have said?

(b)Do you ask open-ended questions (who what where when or why) to gather more information?

(c) Do you take lots of time to get other colleagues to vote for you and your perspective?

How do you respond when you are told NOT to take a risk?

Moreover, you love to think outside the box of work. What makes you move forward or hold back?

(a)Do you apologize and say you were thinking out loud and change your decision?

(b)Do you turn on your heel and tell them to mind their own business?

(c) Do you stand firm and let them know that change is difficult. And you understand their concern, yet you will move forward anyway?

What happens when great opportunities cause self-doubt?

For instance, imagine if you are Invited to a shindig with all the A players. Does this cause excitement or dread?

(a) Do you ask for help to fill in the missing pieces of your education?

(b)Do you back away gracefully, only to mourn the missed opportunity?

(c)Do you take a deep breath and take the leap into the new anyway? 

Step right up to get your Freedom Quotient here.

Above all, you say “OKAY, what do I do now?”

The correct answers are Q1:C; Q2:B; Q3:C Q4:A.

Here is the way to real freedom

Consequently, the inner you and the outer you must match. Leadership demands being congruent. It’s the direct path to being able to live a free and fully integrated life.

In conclusion, this is a lifetime course. Yes, to be free, in the true sense of the word, you keep at it all the time.

In the same vein, you are always making adjustments. You become the epidemy of adaptability.

It’s deep and often difficult work. Yet, it’s worth it. It’s what everyone wants, free to be you and me. No more closets to hide in, no more secrets to bury, no more feelings of inadequacy to carry.

To sum up, my staff and I have some important programs for you. YOu can choose from stress mastery, women leadership, or executives, and emerging leaders. These online programs dig down to teach about vital leadership qualities and leadership styles. They are guaranteed to help you activate your personal superpower.

In short, then you are free to make your best contributions and have relationships that are creative and rewarding.

Is freedom high on your desired life outcome list? Let me know if you have questions.

Here’s to your success,


PS. Want even more freedom? Read my book Don’t Bring It To Work to discover hidden behavior patterns. That’s what gets in the way of ongoing success. Being pattern aware helps prepare you, today’s leader, for tomorrow’s challenges.

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