Overwhelmed? We All Are!

Summary: What do you do when plans are derailed and there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Here’s what to do with feeling overwhelmed.

Did you ever want to lash out at someone and instead yell at your ever-faithful dog? Or, make nasty comments to your indoor plants for demanding attention. as you water them? Do you finally hang up on that nameless voice when you have been shouting “representative” for a minute or two?

For example, one of my clients said to me, “I either yell at the kids or hide under the covers. I even felt like I would kick the dog.”  

After that, other clients texted me this week with variations on the “kick the dog” theme. They were all about the conundrum (what a funny word) that seems to be number one right now. 

The state of today’s world is about being overwhelmed.

Here’s what Jen wrote, “Hey Sylvia, I had a rotten day at work. Nothing seemed to go right. My boss shot down my report. My favorite co-worker is out for the count with Covid, and I need his help. Then the dog peed on the carpet.

My son has a math test tomorrow; he has no idea what the teacher says. My husband is busy working out rather than getting his work done. And I am sick of making dinner every night.  

I must say, I was rather nasty and yelled at my kid, dog, and husband all within about 10 minutes.”

The big question is: why don’t problems stay in their own little boxes? 

In addition, she continued, “The issues from work seem to bleed into family time. The annoyances from family seem to spill out at work.

I can’t compartmentalize!!!!! 

Is this a woman thing? Or does it happen to men too? 

So, help, please.” 

Is feeling overwhelmed more a female thing?

The other texts were from both men and women in a similar vein. So, yes, both males and females have a hard time getting out of the overwhelm. We all have too much to do, not doing it right, and get angry at everyone at once. 

Should we compartmentalize or just let the anger out, no matter what?

Disappointment and frustration won’t go away (so sorry about that).

Therefore, what can you do to get yourself out of the overwhelm?

It’s time to find your way of not letting your emotions get the best of you. 

It’s time to observe and understand where the invisible stress starts. Likewise, what to do about it.

Moreover, the sense of being overwhelmed is sex neutral. However, the way we handle the overwhelm is personality-dependent.

Keep your emotions from causing you to feel overwhelmed.

  • Are you aware of what pushes your buttons at work? At home? 
  • Can you recover quickly when you get triggered, upset, or stressed? 
  • Have you done personal work to stop the mad or sad feelings from spilling over? 
  • What is your typical way to ease the overwhelm? Do you eat too much, sleep too much, or yell it out?
  • Who can you talk with to help you calm down?

Most importantly, here is my point to all my clients, from Corporate CEOs to Entrepreneurs. Upsets will bleed from family to work and vice versa.

Further, that will continue until you put the flashlight on YOU. That is to say, become self-aware. Figure out how to express what you feel in ways that don’t disrupt or destroy relationships. 

Consequently, if the ways you learned don’t work anymore, change them. You change your underwear. Change your behavior patterns.

How you communicate your stress will keep it high or get it lower.

Are you, like so many these days, emotionally exhausted? Are you ready to “kick the dog?”

It’s time to do something in real-time. 

If failing to meet deadlines, feeling hopeless, or helpless has decreased your motivation, it’s time to change.

That is to say, if you feel stuck, create a new direction.  

Firstly, take the STRESS QUIZ to see what primary behaviors you use when stress is high.

For example, are you an avoider, drama king/queen, or pleaser, etc.? Find out now.

Then consider reading Invisible Stress (It’s NOT What YOU Think!). You can get a free download of the introduction here.

Feeling hopeless or helpless leads to overwhelm.

Help is available.  

I suggest you do a pattern breakthrough strategy call (it’s free) to get some clear direction CLICK HERE to schedule yours. 

Think of it this way. If you don’t do something now, you will end your workday and want to kick the dog. 

You will never know how to get yourself out of overwhelm. Your outdated habits take over for emotional release. The habit becomes a pattern. Then if the dog is not there, whoever is closest will get the brunt of your upset. 

Not good. 

Be in charge, not at the mercy of your emotions. 

Don’t let the months and years go by without finding a new way out of upset. You can do it!

Here’s to your success,


P.S., You don’t want to look back with regret. Book your pattern breakthrough call.

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