What to do when life seems out of balance

Everyone is telling me this year has more stress and strain than in the past? You agree?

“Why,” people are asking, “is life so much more out of balance now?”

I must admit, I’m not sure. However, I have a hunch that all the social media stuff is really making us kinda crazy.

I was taking a few minutes to think about what we can learn from this seemingly frantic year and I landed on one word.


CURIOSITY is the doorway that can keep us all from falling down the rabbit hole of overwhelm and self-doubt.

CURIOSITY is the doorway that stimulates growth, joy, and expansion. 

CURIOSITY is what helps us out of the prison of frustration and insecurity. 

Let me explain. But, first a question.

What do you do when your plate is overflowing and you need to say STOP, yet you are afraid you will disappoint everyone?

I’ve asked lots of people this question and most of the answers fall into three categories

  1. I just put my head down and keep going.
  2. I eat every comfort food I can find and just keep going.
  3. I give up and turn on Netflix.

Here is a better idea. For the rest of your lives you can do what I am now about to suggest. Do what I say, for at least one day and see how it feels and how your thinking can become more centered.


For ONE MINUTE out of every hour (that’s just 60 seconds) allow for the unexpected. Just take that minute and reclaim the wonder of the very small child. In that one minute, fatigue will go, and curiosity and creativity will enter. And even better, your heart can open.

You can call it a minute meditation, you can call it a minute to chill out, you can call it anything you like. It is less than 15 minutes in your whole day to get away from your daily grind.

Then go back to what you were doing.

I have offered this technique to thousands of people and my guess is that at least 60% of those who did this one- minute- stop found that they were more creative and more content after a few days. 

Set your watch or computer or smart phone. Just one minute each hour can make amazing changes in how you view the daily situation you are in. 

There is a curious child in each of us that would love to come out and play. I’ll meet you on the swing set and climbing wall.

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Sylvia Lafair

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