What is the best present for you to receive now or ever?

relationship communications

Summary: Look at this year and decide the best presents you received. There are birthdays, holidays, and “just because” gifts. Think about relationship communications and see how that fits into your best current list.

What is a meaningful gift? Is it something you requested, or did someone make an excellent guess, and voila, there it is in front of you?

And what is the best gift you gave to yourself?

Think about the following the next time you are ready to give and receive.

Meaningful gifts with great relationship communication make all the difference.

For instance, in all the research I did this year, I have been surprised, and yes, delighted to see the vast number of articles about giving meaningful gifts. 

As a result, many people now focus on experiences over material goods. 

Remember those days when gift-giving, for any occasion, needed to include a designer symbol? If it said DKNY, Gucci, Prada, or Lauren, it either suggested you are rich, have rich friends, or you want to be seen in the company of the rich and powerful.

Not so much anymore.

Relationship communication makes any gift more important.

Most importantly, the center of attention today is about how to share with people you enjoy and gather fond memories that will last a lifetime. It’s also about the importance of self-care.

Above all, so many feel overwhelmed, blurry-eyed, and fuzzy-headed in our present world because it seems impossible to find time to take a break and relax. 

Therefore, everyone wonders when the next punch to the gut will appear.

Sometimes relationship communication is you on you.

Subsequently, when considering the best present to give yourself, ask: “What do I need more of? And how can I get “the more” I want and need?

The best way to answer these questions is to give yourself the gift of silence. No new ideas can go through when there is so much inner chattering. Clarity comes more quickly to a quiet mind.

You can’t pour from an empty pitcher!

In the same vein, most relationship communications focus on talking with others. Are you polite and respectful? Do you say what you mean or stuff your feelings? Are you conscious of your tonality? Are you willing to listen rather than defend, explain, and justify your part in the relationship communication?

Can you tell your truth without spilling your guts?

Here are some ideas to get you aligned with your inner relationship communication. It’s NOT selfish to think of yourself. It is, however, selfish if you ONLY consider yourself.

Please remember that driving on empty will cause a stop, and nothing can move forward. AND, what you pour from an empty pitcher is, obviously, nothing!

Take care of yourself, so you have more to give to those around you. Otherwise, you become a martyr, and then everyone wants to get away from you.

Martyrs are boring people. Why? Because all they do is whine and sigh about how much they do for others. Sadly, they never say, “you owe me.” However, their shrugs and frowns mean precisely that.

It is only when martyrs learn to take care of themselves and ask for help that real and positive change occurs. Here are some ways to fill your pitcher, fill your tank, and, yes, feel better.

Take a break.

At work, at home, find a quiet place, stare at the wall, look out of the window, close your eyes, and be still. Do this for 20 minutes. Call it meditation if you like, or call it zipping it (your moth, I mean!) Practice this, and you will find a new level of calmness and appreciation for getting your work done effectively and more efficiently.

Write it to right it.

Write out your thoughts and feelings for 10 minutes. No worry about the right words or grammar; write. Often, you will become clear about the next steps toward what will bring you joy and health. Once a month, look back and review.

Go take a hike (or just a short walk).

Walk for 30 minutes at least three times a week. No cell phone, no need to get somewhere. Just walk. Concentrate on how your body maneuvers as you walk. It’s incredible to think about all the internal messages that get your feet to take one step after another. Appreciate all that your body does to get you from here to there.

Read something inspirational.

Keep a book of quotes or one that guides you to new ways of thinking near your desk or night table. Take time to read a few pages every day. This can redirect your thoughts to “the better angels” inside you. Or find some TED Talks that inspire you. (May I suggest my newest book “Invisible Stress (It’s NOT What You Think!)

Breathe in and out and count your breaths.

Deep breathing for 7 minutes will bring more oxygen to your body-mind. Do this: Deep breathe to the count of 7, then hold your breath for the count of 7, then breathe out to the count of 7, and then hold your breath again for the count of 7. Do this 7 times. When you open your eyes, the world can look brighter.

To sum up, these best presents can move you out of being overwhelmed so you won’t have to battle burnout. Make yourself a promise to explore these accessible and available gifts and put your very own designer name on them. And know that YOU are rich and powerful.

Here’s to your success,


PS. If you want to move to be your best self ever, please get in touch with us for a strategy session. You will team up with one of our award-winning coaches. It’s free and filled with superb suggestions.

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