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Why Women Today Need To Go Bigger, Go Bolder, Go GUTSY!

When I was researching my book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” I came across some fascinating, frustrating, and vital information that made me want to stand up and yell “Hey everyone. It’s about time. Time to break away from past cultural fears that still create so much self-doubt and hold us back from playing full out.”

Let me explain.

Has anybody been to Salem Massachusetts?  On Halloween? It’s a “madhouse” (pardon the pun) of psychics everywhere ready to do readings.  It’s also a great place to explore some of those cultural fears that still have a hold on us.

Halloween is a special time in Salem. However, all year round great information is there for us to learn about the witch trials of 1692. Women, bona fide healers who worked with herbs and their own intuition, were considered well, witches. That was a time when any GUTSY woman knew to keep her intuitive abilities undercover or suffer an ugly death.

Interesting that modern brain research indicates that women have an advantage in the ability to sense when something is about to happen. And yet, most of us ignore this internal warning system probably because we just want to fit in and stay safe. Could it also be subtle memories about ancestors who did not shut up and were burned at the stake that makes us wary? 

Who knows?

Let’s go back even further and check out Greek legends. Anybody reading this named Sandra or Cassandra, pay super strict attention. Here’s the love story: the god Apollo fell in love with the princess Cassandra. He gave her a gift; so far a typical story. The gift, however, was more than a gorgeous bracelet or trip to a lavish island; it was the gift of prophecy.  

Now, this gift was non-refundable… Yet, when Cassandra did not get all mushy about Apollo, he became a scorned lover and wanted revenge. Yup, happens all the time. So, the only thing this mad man could do was put a curse on her; make it so no one would listen. Thus, when she warned that her beloved homeland, Troy would be destroyed no one would believe her.

Hummmm. Ancient Greece, witch trials, women getting brushed aside when they see where things are heading; told to mind their own business. 

Look, we all know the speed of change is constantly escalating and yes, we do need to speak out. No more letting fear and self-doubt win.

Remember Sherron Watkins? She was a former Vice President of Corporate Development at Enron. She helped uncover that ugly scandal. As a whistleblower, she, to this day,  discusses the isolation that comes from talking truth to power and how important it is to speak out.  Ask yourself, are you Gutsy or Bold?

It is only through talking truth to power and being brave that we can continue to transform the patterns from the past. Karen Mangia is a great example of a Gutsy Woman and you can read all about her here.

That’s why I started my private Facebook Group “Women Leaders Inner Circle” to have a safe place to discuss how to erase self-doubt, stop listening to the inner critic that can paralyze even the most talented people, and find the confidence to go bigger, go bolder, go GUTSY.

Please join me and add your voice here:

It’s about you, it’s about me and it’s about time.